How does a cat mark a territory

Male and female cats mark their territory with the help of glands located in the anal area, and even more, male cats have two more internal glands. The secretion secreted by glands, mixes with urine and is used to mark territory and in its relations with the opposite sex. In the mating season, male and female cats mark territory and under the influence of odorous marks, the animals begin to behave in a certain way. Generally, male cats begin to fill the marks of competitors with urine. By this marks, cats transmit messages to each other and help to circumvent unnecessary meetings. While marking the territory, usually female cats spray every surrounding objects, that is, if there is a car, and next to it are boards or flowerbeds, you can be sure the pet will mark it. Thus, the cats tend to consolidate the territory for themselves. As for urine spraying everything, male cats do that, especially, they are trying during female cats' estrus. It looks like the cat comes to the some subject, turns to his back, lifts up the tail and begins to spray labeled space, and the tip of the tail is slightly trembling. Like all mammals, cats occasionally rub their heads on the objects so they transfer marks to new places. Female cats on their possessions can leave litter and do not bury it. If you look at the trees where you can find traces of the claws it is also considered to marking territory. If your pet wantі to mark your furniture, and of course you do not want it, it is recommended to rub the furniture with a slice of lemon or garlic. From such smell, a cat sharply loses the desire to do something. If the mark is simply washed away, there will be new with some time. Spraying urine in cats is an established action, and it does not depend on the fullness of the bladder. No matter how much the cat drank the liquid, the quantity of marked objects and marks are always the same. If you look closely, you can see the cat, who just recently went to the toilet to pee, it will come to earlier marked subjects to turn its back on them and mark them again. This suggests that cats and dogs, spraying urine is the basis of social interaction. It is said that even neutered cats make urine splashing. The main difference from the usual cats, neutered do it much less often and it does not smell such bad.