Accustom the cat to the noisy events of interest

The first step - accustoming to a container for transporting. By their nature, kittens are very curious. First, put the container with an open door on the floor. It will take some time, and the fluffy comet will be inside. A few days later, after the complete habituation of the animal to a new device, gently lift the container with a kitten up for some time and down. Be sure to talk with the pet with a steady calm voice, and at the end of the procedure give it some treats. Repeat this process as long as the animal is in the container, lifted up will not be calm. Then walk around the room with a container that the kitten get used to jiggles. The next step is an acquaintance with the street. Choose quiet and peaceful time of the day. It may be early in the morning or late in the evening. Take your kitten in a container on the street and wait. Do not walk. All the time talk quietly, a familiar voice will affect soothingly on the kitten. At the slightest sign of anxiety back into the house. Each time such walks to the outside should become longer. The third step is getting used to the car. To get started just wait near the car, sit in it. The kitten should get used to the smell and sight. When the pet find legs, carry it in the container in running car. If the animal does not show any signs of anxiety, put the container in a salon. At the slightest sign of trouble, stop the procedure. As in previous steps, do not forget to encourage your pet with calm gentle words and tasty treats. At the final step, make a test drive with the animal for a short distance. First - brief, then - longer. Carrying out gradually and slowly all the above steps, you train your pet to cover with the movement and at the same time retain full equanimity. It will be a little easier to teach a kitten to strangers. Little kittens are very curious and trusting. So do not miss the opportunity for your visits to strangers and friends or vice versa, ask them to hold the kitten in their arms. Of course, before a stranger takes a pet in his arms, explain him how to take the animal, how to behave with him. If you do all right, your kitten will not be afraid of strangers and safely respond to any act of arbitrators of the jury at the exhibitions.