How long do cats live?

First, let us talk briefly about the life expectancy of street or wild cats. If we talk about street male and female cats, their life expectancy is small and is about 5-7 years. Such a low life expectancy is caused largely by unfavorable conditions. Street cats are poorly and irregularly fed, their lives are at risk every day, such as a car can hit a cat, or it can die from the attack of stray dogs. All this eventually affects the overall life expectancy. If a street cat lives up to 10 years, it is lucky. Well, now let us move on to cats living in the house. The cat, who lives at home, can live up to 20 years and more without problems. Such life expectancy is long because a housecat is protected from the negative factors that have been listed above. No one attacks the cat in the house, the risk of poisoned food is minimized, no one will disappoint or hurt it, that is, no stress, and in general, the cat is completely safe. It is important to monitor the health of cats, two or three times a year a qualified vet should monitor the pet. If the cat is ill, immediately take it to the doctor; never neglect the disease in cats. If the cat is sterilized or spayed, it will live 2-3 years longer. It is also important whether it has a balanced diet; it is advisable to give the cat feed, which consists of all the necessary nutrients. If you follow all the above rules, the domestic cat can live from 15 to 17 years, and in some cases up to 20 years. The absolute champion is the cat that lived up to 34 years, in terms of human age it is more than a hundred years! If you compare a cat with a dog, it may appear that cats are immune. However, it is not true; such a representation is made up only of the fact that cats, unlike dogs, have developed reflexes.