Cat therapy - treatment that involves cats

In the mid-fifties of the twentieth century, being then just direction in medicine, cat therapy began to attract the attention of scientists. Active study has been initiated, and later the abilities of cats and other animals were used in the treatment of humans. Experience and scientific research has shown that, for example, a simple contact with animals can be used not only as a sedative, and also to heal from the really serious diseases - ICP, heart disease and various neurological diseases, autism and others. These rather unexpected results caused that doctors began to offer their patients to get a cat and undergo cat therapy as an additional means. Perhaps, the only contraindication may be idiosyncrasy of cat's hair or smell. If you have children and you have decided to have a cat at home, you should consult with your doctor - perhaps your child is allergic to animals. In such a situation, you should not rely on the advice of friends or relatives, because what works for one may be a problem for another. Adults as well as children may be prone to allergic reactions. In some cases, this may cause skin redness, rash, short wind. Therefore, to avoid these unpleasant things in the future, you should check yourself and your children in advance. It should be noted, that allergic reactions to hair and so on - not fully explored question. There have been instances when a person, who had a tendency to allergies, "got" animal for some unpleasant circumstances (for example, friends left it). Moreover, you can imagine the following scene: this man tries to avoid a cat, even wears a gauze bandage, and the cat all the time, on the contrary - reaches for allergy sufferer! There is an interesting question, why in fact, the animal is tied to such people, who literally and figuratively sneeze because of them? Indeed, it is not clear ...After a while, forced "owner" surprisingly to himself discovers that he calmly stroke the cat, with all the comforts, which sits on his lap. Not feeling any signs of allergies. Why so? Here is the mystery! Cats are the magical creatures to uncharm and heal. You may think, that kitty just found her "sick", while others could not get comfortable out there simply because it was not their "client". Because of this, a man suffered from allergies.