Choose a Persian kitten

A brief psychological profile of the breed. Persian cats are friendly and balanced. They are very intelligent, sensitive and unobtrusive. However, their devotion is virtually no different from the dog's devotion. Therefore, buying a purebred Persian, the future owner can be sure that the kitten will have all of these traits. The Persians are calm and peaceful animals that appreciate in the building peace and quiet. They are very sensitive to the attention of the owner, but independent and proud. Therefore, there are cases when the Persian cat refuses to sit on the hands of the beloved master.

1. Where to buy a kitten?
If you have decided to buy a purebred kitten, then in any case do not go to the animal market. Even the seller shows you the kitten, that is no different in appearance from the Persians, you cannot be sure of the purity of the breed. After all, in such a small age, kittens are not yet fully manifested of all the signs of the breed. In addition, you will have to rely on the word of honor seller of the health of the kitten. The best option is to buy a cat in specialized cat club. Such places are in almost every large and medium cities. Here you can get advice on keeping and care of the animals, view and sign all necessary documents. Still, as an option, you can consider buying a kitten through the Internet or newspaper advertisement from a breeder. Just tell him that you will come to take away the future pet directly to the seller. If the seller will insist on a meeting on neutral territory, do not buy - they want to fool you.

2. Sex of the kitten.
The sex of purchased animal depends on the preferences of the future owner, and whom to choose - depends on him. It is necessary to note the following. Female cats several times a year, and some more often feel the need to communicate with a male cat. There is an estrus. During this period the cat loses calm, behaves nervously and irritable, meows loudly. Male cats do not have estrus, but the cat has reached puberty can begin to mark the apartment with its urine to attract female cats. For female cats this smell can be irresistible, but for the owners of the apartment not. If you plan to get in the future, the offspring of your pet, then the listed disadvantages have to be reconciled. If the purpose of breeding is absent, the perfect solution can be spaying.

3. Kitten's age.
The optimal age of taking a kitten from the mother is three months. At this time, the kitten has already physically developed and has experienced primary school life under the supervision and guidance of the mother. Earlier taking is fraught with negative consequences, especially for the Persians. The fact that the Persians are couch potatoes. They rarely communicate with other cats. When time to mating and upbringing of offspring comes, then the lack of social skills of the animal can lead to disaster. Mating simply might not happen, and the expectant mother simply cannot adequately care for its offspring. Buying the kitten over three months of age is risky because the animal will have developed attachment to its place and moving to a new place, and detachment from the usual conditions of the animal plunge into shock.

4. Condition of the kitten.
What to look for when choosing a kitten? The kitten should be moderately well fed and mobile. When it sees you, it does not have to hide but show curiosity. Animal's hair should be odorless, clean, and free of mats. Pay special attention to the hair around the anus - it should be clean. The kitten should not have parasites. The nose should be moist and cool. Eyes of the healthy kitten are clean, clear, the third eyelid is not visible. The Persians can have discharge from the tear ducts, but they do not have to be dark and are easily wiped off. Ears should be clean and pink.
If at least some of the above conditions are not met - give up the purchase, so that subsequently were disappointed. Have a good choice!