Buying a kitten

What you should know when you want to have a kitten? After much thought, you have decided to get a little fluffy lump. How to choose it? Where can you get a kitten? Small but important points A kitten is taken from its mother not earlier than it will be 2.5 months old. This period is necessary not only because the kitten learns to eat solid food, but also could lick itself and go in the litter box. This, of course, it can learn from a man, but mother shows its baby the appropriate actions and makes it easier for training many times. Taking a kitten, pay attention to its mobility. A healthy baby is playful and restless. Look at its appearance. Its ears and eyes should be clean, hair should be bright. A kitten from the street It often happens, when you walk on the street, see a kitten, and can't leave it there anymore. When you take such an animal at home, be sure to show it to the vet. He will examine it, take the necessary tests, and vaccinate it against diseases. In addition to go to the doctor's, help the kitten to get rid of fleas, using a special shampoo and de-worming tablets to help. How to feed a very small kitten? If it happened so that you have a very small kitten that cannot eat independently or even more is blind, then do not despair. One option is to put it to a nursing cat. It is difficult to find it in short terms, but even impossible. Therefore, you should arm yourself with a syringe without a needle, seasoned with cat milk substitute. It is sold in a pet store. It is not recommended to give cow's milk. Cat's and cow's milk has completely different properties, and for a small organism, such a difference is very noticeable, and even dangerous. Feed newborn kittens every two hours, including nighttime. A fortnight spent you can begin to feed it one time at night, and every two or three hours during the day. Three and a half weeks spent, feed the kitten every three-four hours. After the kitten ate, massage its tummy. Such a massage helps the kitten to go to the toilet. In natural life, a cat does that. You to do it, simulate the use of tongue dipped in warm water bandage or cotton swab. What to feed when it grew up? What feeds to accustom kitten for? For natural food or specially selling feed? Choosing the second one, you simplify your life without worrying about the quality and usefulness of food for your pet. There are all the required nutrients and vitamins in such feeds. Choosing a natural diet, you have to take into account some features of feeding kittens. Start with mushy food, give the kitten mashed cottage curd, and gradually add to the diet vegetables and meat. Games and entertainment A kitten is very playful, running, snappish lump of happiness. As a child, it always needs new experiences, emotions, and even toys. Better, buy them in specialized stores. Then you can be sure that the kitten does not accidentally bite off and swallow a piece of poor-quality toys of durable material. Give it much love and care. Without it, it is able to experience feelings like sadness and loneliness. Love and appreciate its sincerity, affection and trust. Then the kitten certainly will respond to you in return.