Persian cat is a favorite child of breeders

The first breed of Persian cats appeared in the XIX century. It was a longhaired cat of blue color. In the future, thanks to crossing other colors of hair were bred. Persian population increased every day. By the end of the XIX century Persian cats came to North America, where gained immense popularity. American breeders have crossed the Persians with British cats and brought the ideal of Persian cats. Cats began to look more unusual, and this type was a start of the standard. Modern Persian cats underwent a long breeding work, and now they are different wonderful charm and very beautiful appearance. Cats have calm character. The animal is affectionate, intelligent, and very attached to the man. They are born with the soul of a man and a baby face. Their complaisance and calm behavior is most suitable for single people as well as for large families. Developed intellect makes cats very careful. Persians are cleanly and go to the toilet only to one place. It is often said that the Persian cat is a unique combination of the human soul and the soul of a cat. Cat loves its master and always worries about him. It is able to reduce stress on the physical and moral levels, also helps to cure various chronic diseases. Persian cats are not able to survive on their own. They cannot take care of its beautiful and long hair. The cat needs constant hair care, so it needs combing and grooming. If you do not do this, hair soon becomes mats and causes discomfort and problems. In the rest, the Persian cat is independent enough, she cares for the offspring, like all the other cats hunts mice and small birds. Long hair may become its problem, and the cat, knowing this, becomes every year more gentle, tender and defenseless. Persian cats can safely be taken in long journeys. It lives at the hotel and in the country. Most importantly, there should be a human next to it or her family. The cat always wants to be loved. If the owner is out for a long time, cheerfulness of the cat dies. She can stop eating and drinking, begins to lie in one place, and slowly fades away. However, if the owner comes home, the cat rushes to meet him, and its joy has no limits. The cat have important things: food, water, toys. Persian cat can be a real tomboy when its favorite person is next to it. All these characteristics show there are no problems with the Persian cat at home, the only problem is everyday hair care. If it is not difficulty for you, you'll get true family member.