How to achieve healthy hair of your cat?

The owners of a soft lump has such a problem as feather and hair all over the house. The animal has a difficulty of taking care of itself; they eat hair, which cause the problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The animal looks untidy and unattractive. To avoid such troubles, it is enough to follow simple but essential rules. First of all, you need to teach your pet to comb, so such the procedure isn't perceived negatively, and was pleasant. Comb your fluffy a couple of times a week, and during sheding do it every day. Those cats who love to bathe are rare, but still to maintain a clean pet is one of the most important rules. If the animal doesn't go out, you do not need to bathe it often, a couple of times in six months would be sufficient. It is not necessary to torture and bathe your pet more than once a month. In case, if it is dirty you can comb it and just wipe with a damp cloth coat. It is not advisable to bathe a pregnant cat, only in the most extreme situations. Actually, cats are very good at cleaning their own skin. The main rule is to maintain the health of fluffy pets and more scratch them behind the ear! About health. Silky and smooth hair is one of the most important rules. This item includes the prevention of common diseases, vaccinations, and much important balanced and nutritious food. The main cause of hair loss and its dull look is vitamin deficiency, the lack of vitamins in the diet. Micro- and macro elements must also be present in the diet. What vitamins do improve the condition of hair? If the pet does not have any diseases and it still has dim and unattractive, you need to feed the animal with missing nutrients. As people, cats have special facilities too, such as Oleea, Beofar, and Felvey. Good effect on the hair condition of cats have complexes, which include iodine, biotin, sulfur, kelp extract and B vitamins. Especially important are vitamins B2 and B5. Its deficiency can lead to hair loss and more serious consequences, such as dermatitis, excessive irritability, weakness, depression and hair loss. Vitamins of this group and many others are in nettle, which you can buy in a pharmacy. Mashed nettle can be added daily for 2 months into the feed. It is forbidden to give cats that are in the first half of pregnancy as nettle leads to tone muscles of the uterus, which can cause slink. In the second half of pregnancy and after kittens' birth nettle play an important role, it strengthens milk production and reduces the period of recovery of the uterus after kidling. Following the basic rules of care and feeding of your pet, its hair will be compelling and pleasant to the touch. Not only its hair, but the animal will be healthy, happy and grateful to its master for the care.