The most widespread breeds of cats

Donskoy and Canadian Sphynx. Some people find these breeds unattractive, while others become their "hot" fans. Hairless cats are by nature very loyal and affectionate pets, which very quickly become accustomed to their owners, they are afraid of being alone. Donskoy and Canadian Sphynxes are great choices for those who do not mind the unusual appearance, but like the absence of hair, which very often causes an allergy. British (shorthair) cat. These funny teddy creatures now are at the top of the pop - many people like this breed. The nature of these pets is very calm and gentle. They are unpretentious, very easily adapt to the new living conditions, they are suitable for families with children. Siamese cats. Many breeders like these blue-eyed beauties. Their special feature is flexible long body, snout of triangle shape and unusual color with dark spots on the face, ears, tail and legs. Despite popular belief, the Siamese cat is not evil, they are very accustomed to the owner and have sweet character. Scottish Fold. These cats are very good by nature, they have solid and calm character. Scottish Fold cat very quickly become attached to its owner and loves to talk with new people. They perfectly get along with other pets and they are very fond of children. Maine Coon. A lot of people like this beautiful and plump cat breed, Maine-coon is the largest breed in the world. Their special feature is considered lynx ears and hairy tail, it is a way of wild beauty and elegance. Cats mature very late, around 5 years, their weight can sometimes reach up to 15 kilograms. Persian cat. This cat breed is graded the characteristic feature of this cat is considered to be a thick, even stocky figure, broad snout, flat nose and lush collar. These cats have kind nature, they are quiet and intelligent. Care of its hair every day, comb it gently and check for lumps. It was bred in the early 17th century.