Care of Siberian cat

Siberian cats are distinguished by large sizes, long hair, strength, extraordinary even for a cat jumping ability, intellect and wayward character. To compare with the other cats they are typically long-lived. This breed is characterized by long maturation: approximately to 5 years. These cats need a very simple treatment. It is desirable to provide the comfort to the animal before it comes into the house: buy separate bowl for water and feed, and the tray. Kittens are easy to get used to different granular fillers. It is often just cleaned sand. The tray should be big, or rather the biggest. Do not be afraid, your pet will easily overcome this barrier. But if the bumpers of its toilet are not high enough, get ready to sweep the floor every hour. I hardly need to remind you that your pet utensils should always be clean, water should be fresh. Siberians have relatively long hair and very thick undercoat, so they hard tolerate heat. If the temperature is above 20 degrees, the water must be changed several times a day, at least four times. The diet of your pet should be various. The basis should be beef. In unlimited quantities you can give it river fish, but be careful with sea fish: twice a month - no more. It is also better to refuse from millet porridge, and potatoes are absolutely forbidden, as there were no potatoes in natural habitat of these animals. Give it the yolk once or twice a week and its hair will be healthy and beautiful. The diet should include vegetables. Carrots are especially useful. Hair care is not difficult: it is enough to comb it once a month. This is done by special ridges, so-called "slicker brushes" and brushes. The tail is combed only with the brush. Comb only the hair. Siberian cats are supremely cleanly. You need to wash them extremely rarely: after walking or travelling. The structure of the hair protects the skin from pollution. Wash very carefully in warm water. Do not allow water to enter the ears (you can close them with cotton swabs) don't wash the head once again. Wipe a snout with a cotton swab. Use a special shampoo for cats, as a last resort use shampoo for children. Do not put it on its head. After washing, wrap the animal in a towel and keep in a warm draft-free place, at least for a day. The Siberian cats are not painful, they rarely get cold. However, bathing is not the most pleasant procedure for them. After this procedure the animals can get cold. Therefore, if you can just clean the hair, it is better not to torture once again your favorite. Especially, there are special powders with which hair is poured, and then combed. What to do if the animal has fleas? This is a very serious problem for the Siberians because under their thick rich undercoat parasites can literally "feed". First, consult a vet. He will advise the most effective and harmless medicine. It is important to remember that collar is a preventive measure. After the event, they are useless. Shampoos don't effect after washing. The most relevant tools that are applied at the withers, for example, once a week. The animal won't be poisoned, because it will not be able to get to the treated area. The main thing is not to skimp: it is better to treat the animal with effective medicine than with cheap which will not be good. Finally. Siberian cats are very mobile and playful. Hunting is their elements. Do not be surprised if they catch your legs. As a rule, they do it gently, without leaving scratches. They love to walk, roll toys there where you can't get them out. The most important: treat them with love, and these majestic, very smart animals will reach you.