Bengali is the breed of cats that destroys all stereotypes

The origin of the Bengali breed cats is a crossing between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard. They are large creatures, with long legs and a stocky build. Female representatives of the breed are thinner and more graceful than male cats. They have a weight up to 4kg; male cats can weigh up to 7kg. An Asian leopard bequeathed them with small round ears and slightly long snout, and unique plastic graceful movements. Color of Bengals is very bright, despite the dominant brown color with leopard patterns. There are representatives of the silver color, they are called snow leopards with marbled patterns of hair. There is a dark stroke around the eyes, nose and lips, three dark lines on each cheek, dark lines on the forehead form a special mark, which has no definition and looks like the letter M of our alphabet. These cats have thick, not very short hair, which is so soft and silky, that you always want to touch it. Regularly comb the cat with a brush or a glove, the impact of which is like a feline licking of a tongue. Bengali merit despite that it is rare and exotic species, is that they do not require some specific care and high cost of keeping. We need a minimum - bowls for food and water, litter box, toys and, of course, the house. It is advised to buy a scratching post or cut its claws a couple of millimeters every 10-14 days. Ears are cleaned with cotton swabs, not thrusting it deep into the ear canal. The anatomical structure of the ear allows earwax to go outside and there is no need to push a stick inside. To clean teeth a preventive dentifrice pasta with meat or fish flavor is bought, or cleaning toys and bones which are given once a week. That's, perhaps, all. They will take care of the rest, because they love water and do not mind to take a bath with the owner. Bengalis need proper feeding because of the sensitivity of its stomach. They need a special diet, never give them food from the master's table. If there is no possibility to give them natural products, as an option, you can use dry or liquid feed that balances all the nutrients and supplements. Choosing a litter box, it should be noted that Bengalis are curious and like to dig everywhere. Tray with high sides, which will include a lot of filler will be good. Their curiosity extends to the study of far corners, closets, attics and even boxes that are easy to open. Only different toys can divert their attention from such exercises. All sorts of mazes, ladders, towers, hanging balls, balls, different objects that they can chew. Game time can and should be converted into training. Cats of this breed "are distinguished by intelligence and sagacity" and easy learn commands. They can quickly learn to play "football" when the cat incites items and drags them from one place to another with paws, stands or walks on their hind feet. Bengalis love games so much that they use every opportunity to play and have fun together with the owner, and at the same time satisfy their hunting instincts. Walks on the street are desired. Wear a collar and a leash on it while walking, which the animal quickly gets used to, and its look is a signal to walk. Any cat requires care and communication, but with Bengali, it is more serious. Since the breed is relatively young, the lack of attention can lead to savagery. They are very talkative and sociable, love when you talk with them loud. They do not like when they are frightened or brandishing. In such situations they can show aggression, which should be immediately stopped. It will be enough to click with two fingers in front of the snout, or clap your hands and give the command "Off". They are characterized by soft sociable character, playful disposition, independence and willfulness. The contradictory nature of these traits does not detract from their main advantages - a pathological loyalty to their owners and the house, which they live in. Bengalis, like people, value family comfort and cherish it in its own way, telling the owners of every suspicious sound and rustle. They perceive strangers in the house warily, so do not take the Bengalis in arms, if you want to insinuate them into your confidence. They do not like to be squeezed and can even bite. Do not rush them, they are sympathetic and kind creatures, they come by their own. Of course, if you deserve it.