Accustoming the cat to the toilet

Every pet owner is proud of how quickly his pet learned to go into the litter. Try to teach your tailed friend to go straight on the human toilet!

A special technique is made to accustom the cat to the toilet. It is aimed at three weeks. During this period, the cat, even that responds poorly to any training must be accustomed to this order. It will make easier life for the owner. What a cost cutting, you won't buy filler every week.

For the success of this training it's necessary to be sure that the cat has free access to the toilet room. The door must always be open.

In the first eleven days you will have to do the following. Every day, gradually take the litter with the usual filler for cat 1-2 cm up. You can continue only when the cat is comfortable with previous height of its litter.

During the next two days, the cat's litter should be at the same level as the toilet seat.

On the 14th day establish the litter so that it takes 1/4 of the toilet seat. Here begins the acquaintance between your cat and a toilet.

On the 15th day the litter must occupy 3/4 of the toilet seat. Of course it is necessary to fix it, so it won't fall into the toilet. You can use the auxiliary seat lid to which the litter will be attached.

The next thing to do is to securely attach the litter directly on the toilet seat. Cat will need a day or two to get used to the new position of its litter.

The 17th day is the most important day for the cat during training, as from this moment his favorite litter hides away. Now you will need extensive plastic boards. Lift the toilet seat and fasten the board across it. To create a familiar atmosphere for the animal, put a low bowl with filler on a board. Now you can lower the seat and wait when the cat will use the toilet. When the cat successfully eases itself change the board. It will help the cat to keep balance on the toilet.

Eighteenth day. In the center of the plastic board cut a small hole. Put filler on its perimeter. Today, your cat should get acquainted with new sounds while it eases itself. He will also be interested in the water that is at the bottom of the toilet.

The next day, increase the diameter of the hole and decrease the amount of filler around.

Two days later, your cat should get used to the toilet. You can remove the plastic board.

Of course, each animal requires an individual approach. You may have to extend the time to accustom your cat to the toilet. But the main thing in this case are patience and perseverance.