Food for your senior cat

Diet for old and healthy pet should be at the highest level. When the cat becomes old, not only its appearance changes but also its behavior.

At the age of six years, it's physical activity becomes lower and the cat begins to put on weight. After eight years, it is necessary to feed the cat often, give it small portions and high-calorie feed. If there were any violations in its education and keeping, there would be some diseases after 6-8 years. The first thing is pathometabolism.

Further, the owner may notice such ailments as ...

- Hyperthyroidism.

This is the most common disease of senescent cats. Symptoms: strong appetite, weight is lost.

- Lipidosis.

This is when a cat has no appetite for a meal or even for that meal she loved a lot. The weight is lost. The cat may even vomit. The gums become icteritious. The eyes can also become yellow. Inner surface of the ear also may become yellow.

What does the master have to do? First of all, to follow cat's appetite. There mustn't be long breaks between meals. Thus this will lead to bacony liver. Second, he master will have to show the darling to the vet, so the doctor spends a course of compulsory introduction of liquid food, with a special food probe.

- Other ailments.

It is worth to pay attention to the following features:

1. Digestive disorders; 2. The cat doesn't feel the smell of food; 3. The cat doesn't feel the taste of food; 4. Teeth become bad; 5. Renal function is disturbed; 6. Hair is dim; 7. Brittle hair.

If there's at least one of such symptoms, show the fluffy to the vet, let a specialist examine it and prescribe treatment, vitamins and he'll say how to feed the pet.

- The mouth.

A cat may lose teeth because of scale or periodontal disease. What does the master have to do? He should regularly provide hygiene procedures of cat's mouth and feed with special dry feed in pellets. Such feed should have two functions: to absorb and to grind.

Most senescent cats may have such diseases as gastrointestinal disorders and kidney problems.

- Kidney failure.

When the cat has such disease it's necessary to refuse dry feed that contains a lot of protein. If the cat is old, but healthy, you should give it yummies if it likes feed with protein. Sick cats must be fed with high biological activity feed and feed with a protein in metered amount.

- Sick stomach and intestines.

As a rule, the cat suffers from constipations. Therefore, the owner must feed it with such feed which is quickly and easily digested, absorbed.

How to choose the feed for fluffy creatures?

So, look for:

First, the feed must be industrial. It should be made of premium ingredients. Only such feed will help the cat to live a long life, and its feeding will be complete.

Second. The feed must contain vitamins E, C and trace nutrients. It shouldn't contain much phosphorus!

Third. If the owner has decided not to buy the food but cook it for the favorite then he should refuse from the offals - such feeding is hard for old cats. He should add minerals and trace nutrients into cooked meal, as defined above.