Cats: Life on the street and at home

There are defenite advantages in walks on the street. For example, all its natural behavioral reactions will take place mainly outside. Thus the owner releases himself from spoiled furniture and bad smell problems. This problem most often occurs when people pick up the cat from the street, but also among pets often appear instincts to mark their territory. There are other ways to deal with them, but the most simple and cheap is just to let pet walk on the street. Also a big advantage is the cat doesn't need a litter box. Its daily cleaning, if you put a hand on your heart, isn't the most pleasant thing, and the cat litters aren't cheap, especially if there's more than one pet. The smell from cat litter also causes the problem. Cats walking on the street, prefer to ease themselves there. In addition, passion is laid in cat's instincts to streets ad its dangers, it is interesting for them and kindles the hunting passion. Animals who have the ability to go free, never get bored and are in excellent physique. Keep in mind there some disadvantages in walks on the streets. The main is short life expectancy. Such an argument is the main not to walk on the streets. Indeed, animals who don't leave home, live longer. Every time the cat walks on the streets, you have to be prepared that it can pick up a variety of diseases. Many of them are transmitted to humans and, therefore, pose a risk to family members. But if this problem can be partially solved in time by vaccinating a cat, but it isn't assured from casualties. Unfortunately, it is likely that walking pet can get under the wheels of a car, being ill-treated or become the object of hunting by wild animals ... but you never know what can happen on this interesting, but, unfortunately, dangerous street. Do not also forget about the parasites which the cat can easily bring into the house. Disadvantages of walks look intimidating, and advantages are very alluring. It is because of such contradictions the person who gets a cat should carefully weigh all the "pros" and "cons", and only then take the right decision for themselves.