Cat treats: Truth or Myth?

Cat is a beautiful animal and people need them. Conducting special researches scientists found that cats can treat. You have only to follow the cat, because when it is wounded, it starts to lick the wounds, it purrs and it helps the cat to recover very quickly. Currently, researches are being conducted which study the impact of purring on sick liver and if a cat can stop the development of osteoporosis. Dr. D.Purdy has studied cats for a long time, and he is sure that purring treats disturbed metabolism, bone diseases and promotes the growth of children. Therefore, he advises older people not to get involved in physical activity but to get a cat - it will help to harden bones and stop their destruction. Why does purring not help everyone? A cat can feel changes in the owner's organism, can help him, and even becomes a real house healers, but only if it loves its owner, and the owner has a thing for it. When a person feels pain, there is a change of the energy potential. The cat feels, sees and reacts on it. Cats are such creatures which need to obtain negative energy. It is such a "device" that traps this negative energy out and transforms it into a positive energy. Therefore, a person is ill and the cat can charge because of it. At such time, it is incredibly obtrusive but don't drive it away. She lies down near it or even on the raaw spot and begins to heal, to take away the negative. You will feel relief soon. The man, who lives at home for a long time with a beauty, with his friend, has strong immune system, nervous system and excellent health. A cat is the perfect remedy for fatigue, stress, fear and uncertainty. It gives calm and sense of security. Also it is proved that hypertansives stroking the soft cat's hair lower blood pressure. Also the cat can prevent a heart attack! It is also the evidential fact. The owner shouldn't force a cat to cure him, it should come to man. Friendship and love are important here. Also, the cat needs to be a home cat, "your" cat. That is, you can't run out into the street, grab the first domestic cat, drag it home and force to lay on your low back because it won't help. It also won't help that the cat has come, has "treated" and decided to leave ... Do not make her to lie next to you to the last. It did everything it could. In both cases you get nothing but wounds and obstinacy. It’s easier to get concern and help from gentle and quiet animal. Still, it’s necessary to take into account the color of the favorite. - Black color. A cat is able to absorb the negative energy. This cat will take a huge amount of negative than any other cat. It is suitable for aggressive and hot-tempered people. Such a person gets along well with the cat. - White. Beige. Red. Such cats are good for passive, quiet people and for those who feel a lack of energy. Such people can take from cats positive energy. - Blue cats. Blue-gray. Gray. It’s an excellent sedative "remedy". They will "punch" very emotional people out. Gray cats have absorbed qualities of black and white cats.