Siamese cat

It's originated from the East and its ancestors are wild Bengali. Siamese cats saved their individuality because they weren’t interbred with other breeds, at least on purpose. All features of its beauty are preserved in its glory. The Europeans got rid of its broken tail and now it is straight. The main peculiarities of the appearance are cats’ limbs (legs, tail, ears and muzzle), blue eyes are very beautiful which sparkle with different play of colors in the dark. The body is flexible and strong. Cat’s hair is soft, opalize and without visible undercoat. You can comb it even with hands making stroking movements. The tail is black and straight. This cat is for coach potatoes because it needs much attention and one of the main features of its character is jealousy. It will never live with other animal at house and even can be jealous and feel discontent to babies. If she loves you it’s forever. You will never lose it. You should know Siamese cat is very capricious and if it doesn't like something it will show you that. This cat has obstinate and sometimes aggressive nature it’s due to hr excellent hunting skills. It’s fascinated with hunting, her excellent body is slim and elegant and is oriented to hunt and win. The glory of this cat is aspersed by a human due to its hot temper and many think it’s dangerous to people. Of course, it’s not true. Siamese cat loves freedom, baby talk and permanent pressing – these things aren’t for it. Pleasant stroking she can accept. If you want to be the owner of Siamese cat you have to be patient and considerate, it will never forgive you rudeness and beating. Siamese cat is very energetic and funny, it will be a friend and playmate for children. It's always ready to play with the ball and play mouse game.