Turkish Angora. How to make a right choice?

It’s likely a stereotype which refers to the appearance of Turkish Angora but not an attribute. Also these cats have eyes of same color. They may be blue or green. The tint in most cases is colored. They were called at the name of the ancient city. It’s situated in modern Turkey. So, the real Turkish Angoras are from turkey or are bought in farm. They must be compliant with the standards. Many people have got them mixed up with Turkish Vans. Turkish Angora is can be distinguished by its size. It is of medium size with the weight of 2-4 kg. It’s half long-haired. It’s got a head of V-form. The muzzle is narrow, has a smooth shape and strong chin. It has large and expressive eyes. They have the form of almond nut and set out of straight. Staring whiskers are set close together. A neck passes into the body stealthily. Legs aren’t big but top-notch, have an oval shape and elegant. Hair is long and gathered in bunches between toes. It’s got long tail. A tailset is wide and becomes narrow in the end. Hair is very soft without undercoat. Hair ion the body is short and on the tail and on pants. These cats are graceful and aristocratic from ears to tail. They have the regal gait but have hard temper. If they’re in good mood they can allow you to stroke them or be sweeped up. There are moments that you better do not touch them. They really love the owner and are attached to him. They don’t like strangers. Cats are easily trained and wise. They can switch on and off the lights. Also they can open the door with the help of handle. They learn very quickly and understand the requirements of the owner. There aren’t many problems with them. The advantage of these cats is their nice appearance and docile nature. They like to play with a man. They get along well with other animals. Its downside is deafness. It is peculiar to white cats with blue eyes. Cats with different eyes also can’t hear, but they are deaf in one ear. It strongly fades in spring and summer. It will be bored alone. It’s easy to take care of these cats. Hair doesn’t have an undercoat so it won’t knot. Several times a week comb it with special brush. They don’t like to bathe but are good with water. Give it fat-soluble vitamins in food. It will prevent the intense sheding.