Persian cat

The Persian cat is probably the most popular cat all over the world. They are very calm and silent so you can rarely hear their voice. It will always use an opportunity to it on your knees or shoulder or warm your belly and lie in bed and will sing its songs. Their eyes are sincere and faithful, when you look at them you can see all their love and devotion to the owner. It loves all members of family. It will come to you and lie near you and you will stroke it. This breed of cats is very energetic, likes to play and if it sees any toys it will certainly play with it, fun is laid on genetic level. These cats don’t have peculiar traits of character, only they are independent and self-consistent. Persian kittens are very lazy but curious and cheerful. At first they only eat and sleep. Then curiosity wins and then you should be attentive. They can live with other animals at house because they are calm, they will always remind you about themselves and demand your time and care. Do not withhold in it. Every day take care of its hair to avoid lumps because they badly influence on cat’s health and appearance. Brush and groom it every day carefully, do not skip any centimeter, pay special attention to its neck, belly, tail and armpits, where lumps can often appear. Persian cat is like alive toy that rays warmth and joy. This lovely creature will certainly bring with itself nice and light atmosphere of love and friendship at your home.