Male cats, female cats and kittens

Female cat is a lone animal. With this habit, she was very similar to its close relative, the other member of the family cat - a tiger, cheetah, leopard, lions ... Only lions live in a Pride, others cats live alone. The family is formed only for a short time - mating, rarely for growing pups.

The master should consider that lonely cat is not a burden, it does not seek similar to itself. On the contrary, living at home of a cat is not problematic for the owner. Nevertheless, there will be a problem if you get a new cat at house and you already have a cat. In addition, the point is not that the beauty's character is jealous or harmful; the whole thing is in instincts, in an effort to consolidate the territory on which it feeds. It protects your house from enemies and strangers.

As tens of thousands of years ago, the cat was and has remained a lone hunter. The exception is when the favorite has decided to continue its race. It is able to bring posterity from two to three times a year. Moreover, when the time comes, the cat willingly lets to herself a male, and even is looking for meeting with him.

All breeders of the world, call the pairing of cats - mating. The pregnancy of the pet lasts a few months, and ends as a rule, with the birth of several furry creatures: from three to eight kittens. The cat is able to give a great birth of offspring! At times more than would be able to grow and feed all ardent fans of cats! One need only imagine: the cat twice a year, gives birth to four kittens, and this is just the average!

If the owner does not want his favorite to bring offspring, he can take it to the vet, who will make it painless surgery - sterilization. While surgery gonads are removed that are responsible for the production of the offspring. In males, the surgery is called castration, the testicles are removed.

The surgeries are carried out under general anesthesia and after it; the cat loses the ability to produce offspring and the desire to mate. A cat after sterilization becomes gentle, calm, and hence the life of its owner goes without problems and troubles.

In any case, it is up to the owner: whether his beautiful produces offspring, so the owner takes care of the kittens. This important decision has to take the whole family. If the family has decided the favorite will give the offspring, it is necessary to prepare in advance a cozy place: a box; a shelf in a closet or a corner of the room; with a pillow, quilt or blanket. It should be enough room for the cat-mother and her children.

Male cats, female cats and kittens