Egyptian Mau - best friend of the family

Egyptian Mau. This cat came to us in ancient times. Cat of the pharaohs. This wonderful spotted cat was walking around the world long before the new era. Judging by its ancient image, it has not changed a lot since then. In those far days, this cat was considered a sacred animal, so many images are saved. They were devoted to Bastet, the goddess of the moon, from which ancient Egyptians waited for help in love, home comfort, and fertility in agriculture. The dead cats then were buried in gold and silver coffins, and the killing of this animal was a serious crime.

Since then, many centuries went by and the old cat is almost extinct.

About a century ago, technologists from Europe decided to completely reconstruct the animal, which was worshiped in ancient Egypt. Unfortunately, their efforts were almost destroyed during the Second World War. Created supply of livestock was almost destroyed. Fortunately, the sacred animal in the past was lucky or there were higher forces, but some of the surviving cats got in the hands of Russian princess Natalia Troubetzkaya. During her stay in Italy, she even recorded them in the local branch of FIF. In 1958, the princess, who at that time lived in the United States, officially registered the first 10 cats of this breed.

Then, the Egyptian Mau breed was first given stringent standards for color: smoky, silver, and bronze. Only these colors and later цуку adhered by for this breed.

Finally, the breed was recognized in 1977 in the CFA, and 15 years later in FIF.

The сats of this breed are beautiful, graceful, and active. It has a medium body size, but strong muscles. Legs of different sizes - the forelegs are a bit shorter than the hind. Not long, medium-sized tail. The head, like most African cats, has a wedge shape. Due to the wide bridge of the nose, the cat's green eyes are widely set. The ears of the animal are large, of a triangular shape. The base of the ears has wide, but closer to the tips they are sharpened. In a "standard" cat, there is a “ Scarab” on its forehead, and the two lines from the eyes to the ears of the cheeks. The hair is dense, and feels like silk, with multicolored hair. It shines on the light. The body of the Egyptian Mau is covered with roundish spots and patterns.

The nature of a cat is different in devotion to its master. They love to wake their owners up in the morning, licking their cheeks. The cat is very playful and has a strong sense of ownership. It would be best if you did not take away from them their "cat toys". In addition to the understanding of ownership, they have a highly developed hunter instinct. Cats of this breed constantly find something to play, and if there is a great opportunity to hunt for some "game", the animal will not give up this success. Egyptian Mau loves children.

Egyptian Mau is gluttonous, so do not let it eat too much. Give it more water. Cats of this breed are often highly allergic to some food, so if you see your pet itches looking for insects - take it to the vet.

This rare cat is a real gift for the family. It loves its masters if feels they love it too, and it never betrays.

Egyptian Mau - best friend of the family