Grooming for cats - health and beauty of your pet

Grooming is one of the aspects of the behavior of any animal having a hygienic sense. In other words, grooming is the process of washing, licking or bathing the animal, which all the wild animals and pets do. In nature, animals behave differently; they need to take care of the purity of the body for their own health, as well as to attract partners and contacts within the flock, herd, pride or any other group.

Domesticated animals behave differently. They, of course, watch their hygiene in the sense they understand it. However, for the life with a man it is not enough sometimes. In this case, people resort to grooming salons that provide special care for the animals, the so-called grooming salons.

Going to such a place is the key to the attractive appearance of your pet and its health. What is the process of grooming for cats and dogs? What does it give our dear friends and how expensive this procedure will cost for caring owner?

For freedom-loving cats, this process may seem unpleasant. Therefore, the animals are often given a sedative that will allow them to sleep. It is safe and does not injure the psyche of cats.

In the first stage of grooming, the hair is carefully combed to remove mats. The salons use for this special brushes, scissors, and special types of electric machines.

The second step is to wash the animal with shampoos and conditioners. All items are selected individually, and their choice depends on the characteristics of the breed, length and thickness of the hair, as well as the problems that often lead owners to such salons parasites. With all these unpleasant moments in the cabin, easily cope professionals.

The third stage is a haircut. At this stage the animal's hair is treated in a special way, a special machine helps to remove all excess hair, well-groomed hair looks healthy.

If desired, you can end the grooming with ear cleaning or rinsing the animal (if desired), treat the claws and teeth.

To the owner, such a procedure will cost an average of 25$ (depending on the breed and size of the cat, as well as from the salon) of a core set of grooming.

Grooming for cats - health and beauty of your pet