Uncovering the Pregnancy of British Cats – A Comprehensive Guide

Puberty of cats of the British breed comes about at 7-9 months of age. The first estrus is usually missed, and mating of animals is carried out not earlier than a year. The pregnancy lasts about 65 days. Kittens born at 63 or 64 days of pregnancy are viable, but if the cat has given birth to 60th day, the chance of survival for kittens is very small.

Check the cat may be pregnant by certain changes. In the first half of pregnancy, the cat can gain weight; in the morning can be observed nausea and vomiting, and nipples turn pink and swell. Finally, to determine whether a cat is pregnant or not may vet during the examination.

On the 20th day after fertilization, the fetus reaches the size of a peanut, and may be felt by palpation. Later, this method of determining pregnancy is ineffective, as the uterus is filled with fluid.

In the first half of pregnancy, it should refrain from X-ray examination and give preference to ultrasonography as a more secure method of examination and information.

Vet's examination should be required to carry out before mating, too. This will help to identify in advance the possible irregularities that may affect the normal course of pregnancy.

Also, it should undergo medical tests for the presence of parasites; provide all the necessary vaccinations and treatment. Most insecticides, anthelmintic drugs, antibiotics and vaccinations are not recommended during pregnancy, as they can cause abnormal development of the fetus.

Next examination the cat takes 2-3 weeks after mating. The doctor diagnoses a pregnancy and gives the necessary instructions. In addition, this period can be assigned to additional tests if necessary.

The third examination is conducted one week before the labor. The doctor conducts a survey and recommends how to behave during labor and what to do with newborn kittens. But, most owners prefer specialists to deliver kittens in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

During pregnancy, the British cat does not require any special care. The food requires some adjustments to fully provide the body with the cat all the necessary nutrients.

The first half of pregnancy, the cat needs to be fed abundantly, but eliminate fish from the diet. Instead, give it curd but if the cat refuses to eat that, pick up a complex of vitamins, with the necessary calcium.

In the second half of pregnancy, single feed rate is reduced, but also the intervals between feeding are reduced.

If the cat is accustomed to active games with children or pets, climbing high and extreme jumps, in the second half of pregnancy you should limit her this pleasure. During this period, because of the rather impressive abdomen shifts the center of gravity and the cat gets a little clumsy. Extreme activities can result injury and complications of pregnancy.

Pregnancy of British cats

The cats should give birth at home. At home, they are calmer and feel confident. Therefore, if necessary, invite the doctor at home and do not drive the cat to the clinic. In unfamiliar surroundings, the cat becomes nervous that may delay labour and cause various complications. Some time before the labor, the cat will choose a quiet place, and it is not always offered by the owners special house.

Uncovering the Pregnancy of British Cats – A Comprehensive Guide