Everything You Need to Know About the Birman Cat Breed

The Birman cat is famous for its bright blue eyes and a special color, usually inherent to Siamese cats. This wonderful breed takes part in each cat show, and it has won universal love and popularity.

This breed is not just called the Sacred Birman. There is a beautiful legend about it, still besets the minds of people.

The goddess of Birman (Cun Huantse) was responsible for the reincarnation of Buddhist monks after death in other worlds. Moreover, the most favorites were allowed to stay in the temple in the form of light-haired cats with golden eyes and hair color of sand. Respect for these cats could compete only with respect to the goddess. However, one cat, Singh, enjoyed special respect. Thanks to the original color of the earth of paws and ears.

Cats and monks lived calmly and peacefully. Until one rainy day robbers, who encroached on the golden statue of the goddess, attacked the temple. The battle was fierce, many monks were killed. It seemed as if the victory was in the hands of the robbers, but then there was a terrible scream that made to freeze without exception. Turning, all the people saw the cat Singh appeared in the center of the battle, and, clinging to the head of the mortally wounded monk, became transformed. His eyes became bright blue as the eyes of the goddess, and the legs have acquired silver, as holy monk's hair. This miracle reinforced the fallen spirit followers of the Buddha, and they with the new forces rushed into battle, defeating robbers and made them to escape. The cat Singh next seven days was lying on the head of his master, after which he died, after seeing his soul in the best of all possible worlds. Since then, the temple cats were considered sacred conductors in a different world, and it was a damnation to offend the Birman cat.

There is a more plausible version of the appearance of the Birman breed. It has appeared because of random mating Siamese and Persian cats. Kittens of unusual color were observed and registered as a new species.

In 1910, the famous and the richest man Vanderbilt, using his connections, had acquired a couple of cats of this breed. Rumor said, they were stolen from the temple of Birman worshipers. Millionaire presented the cat as a gift to some French lady, who took them to her homeland. Unfortunately, while trip the cat was gone, and the female cat brought offspring, which became the progenitor of the breed.

The Birman has got the status of the breed in 1926, in France. At the same time, it gained the status of an expensive breed. The winner of the show was sold for 30,000 francs.

Unfortunately, the World War II greatly retarded the development of the Birman breed. During the hostilities, most male and female cats were lost. Experts had to restore the Birman breed and managed to do it only in 1950s.

All Birman breed fans pay tribute to breeders who have shown the wonders of selection and allowed people to contemplate the breed, absorbed all the best and most beautiful from the Siamese and Persian cats.

The appearance of the sacred Birman is special. It has long silky hair with bright Siamese color. In some cats golden brown hair appears, which is valued above all the other colors. Another feature of this breed is so-called "gloves"and "boots"that breeders appreciate very highly, and in the process of breeding try to make them most pronounced. It is also worth noting the eyes of the Birman. They are bright blue, sometimes blue, surprisingly reminiscent of clear sky. The nature of Birman is very friendly; it is inquisitive, affectionate and playful. They have a stable psyche and deep patience, which is a nice and if you have kids and plan to get other cats.

However, the Birman cat is born with its famous color, and it manifests itself gradually. Kittens are born very light, almost white. In the first days of life, the typical brown color begins to manifest, which becomes more pronounced only to 2 months age. On average, it takes about 2 years to become contrast colors brighter. "Gloves" and "boots"are manifested in the age of 3 months, but only between the ages of six months and older you can judge their quality. In addition, under the age of six months, kittens disproportionately have large ears, at least, the cat gets older and the more it looks harmonious.

Because of the high requirements to the color of the Birman cat, it can be considered one of the most difficult breeds to bring up.

Despite all the difficulties in breeding, sacred Birman is gaining more and more popularity worldwide. It is famous for its outer beauty and almost perfect character. There is something magical and mysterious in it. Its sky-blue eyes stare right into your soul.

Everything You Need to Know About the Birman Cat Breed