Cartesian cat (Chartreux)

Body size is slightly higher than the medium, their weight can reach from 2.5 to 7.5 kg. The body is massive. Males are usually larger than females. Neck is short. The head is round and broad. Cheeks are round, males have more developed cheeks than females. The nose is turned up. Earss sizes vary from small to medium. They have wide, round yellow eyes. Kittens are born with blue-gray eyes, but when they are three months old, their color becomes orange. Limbs are muscular, medium in length. Tail is of medium length, tailset is wider than the tip. The hair is short, smooth, soft, tight to the body. There is a thick, fluffy and soft undercoat. Color can be of all shades of gray and blue colors, but preferably light gray. From the bright sun coat may become brown. The skin has a bluish tint. Their defects are faded or green eyes, hooked nose, white hair in the coat or brownish-red tint. Chartreuse are very friendly towards people, get along with children, behave good with fellows and at the same time are excellent hunters. They have a balanced temperament. They prefer quiet games and like to be alone. They may not show their love to their owners, though they can be attached to them and be jealous. Chartreuse are silent and unobtrusive and in that time they attracted French monks with it. Cartesian cats require minimal care. Comb them once a week or ten days. However, this should be done carefully so as not to damage the delicate undercoat. They have good health, their only weak point is teeth, where from time to time may appear scale. The representatives of this breed are very clean and always look after their litter box. They clean their ears and eyes. They don't like water, so teach them to bathing from the very small age. The cost of one chartreuse kitten ranges from 300 to 600 $.