English Bulldog

English Bulldog Its status became worse when was introduced a hounding ban in all its forms in whole country. In 1875 the English bulldog club was created to save the breed from extinction. They wanted to solve the problem by changing a bulldog to show dog. Fighting qualities took second place. This has changed the breed. In former times the breeding of the bulldog was admitted by the results in fights with bulls, but after the ban on hounding they began the crossing of breeds which formally complied to the breed. Working qualities were on the second place, they paid attention to the appearance of the dog. Decorativeness avocation caused the loss of external and internal qualities of a fighting dog. Modified standard caused the degradation of English bulldog which mould dynamic stocky dog to short-legged hard melancholic and almost lost legendary courage of their ancestors. In the 70s of last century there was a program of Levitt D, the American who wanted to change the modern bulldog to its original appearance and working abilities. Based on illustrated books of the history of the breed and his knowledge of breeding, the American crossed modern English bulldog and Pit bull Terrier, Bullmastiff and American Pit bulldog. As a result there were dog looked like bulldogs of 19th century. Nowadays, the American canine federation takes steps to comeback of the breed. The standards are reviewed and changed by the scientific committees.