How to choose a German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog is the breed of dog, whose love knows no boundaries, they are ready to give their lives for you, and the main feature of this breed is the choice of the owner. If you do not live alone, then the dog may prefer not to you, and the one in whom see the "leader." In order to correctly choose a friend, do not look only at the external indicators, and listen to the inner voice, because the German shepherd has to be one with you. And so the first thing you have to do is choose a responsible breeder who will provide you with pedigree puppies. The parents of Champions is likely that the puppies and will achieve success at exhibitions, but this fact is also relative, because exercise and proper care play a major role. It is desirable that the bitch does not give birth more often than once a year and it gives the opportunity to bring up strong puppies. Wean baby from the mother should be no earlier than two months. The size of all the puppies should be about the same, the girls a little less than boys. And here they are in front of you, so cute, funny, like the Cubs, consider once confidence puppies, they should not be afraid of the streets and extraneous sounds, be strong with all the signs of proper development and health, which we now consider. Regarding the limbs puppy, they should be smooth and firm, joints should also stand out. Stop your attention on the eyes of a puppy, a distinct brown color with no carbon emissions, ears should be clean and without odor. Scissor bite, says about the health of the teeth. Paws German Shepherd at the age of two months already have a fairly strong views, and the tail should not have any kinks and pathologies. The muzzle puppy should not have the acute form, and the gap between the forehead and muzzle-should be pronounced. Color puppy dependent genes, it may be a pure black, and with markings. The nature of the puppies is one of the important factors when choosing your next one should be playful, interested in the world and what is important to go with you to the contact. To test the response of puppies softly clap their hands, they should not be frightened, but rather to sharpen their attention and show interest and care for the other sounds. Passivity, this breed does not stand out, they may not be very active only when they want to sleep. Before purchasing, should clarify the availability of a puppy vaccinations, and when it will be necessary to hold the next vaccination, ask what fed babies. Be prepared for the fact that the first days of the puppy will whine for missing mother and his brothers, try to acquire a puppy when you have time to stay at home, at least 3-4 days for him to become accustomed to the new environment and its owner. The acquisition of the German Shepherd important step, but the passage of time all difficulties will be back with you for years to come will be next right hand man, an ally and a friend.