Danes - the true aristocrats, pedigree which comes from the palaces of the patricians of Rome, where they lay on the banquet lodges. This is a smart and majestic dog. Dane is very emotional, but very good at hiding feelings and looks phlegmatic. It is given to him easily with his size. He does not know how to cheat, straightforward, kind, like all creatures big and strong, just a little naive. Danes are very fond of children. They are used as nannies. They leave without fear even toddlers who are still crawling, not to mention the older children. 20 years ago at the Leningrad Institute of the brain was performed an experiment on brain activity danes. Memorization of phrases, words, fixed encephalographs and other devices. Dane, which was tested memorized phrases 120, 300 words and 80 complex sentences. The ordinary man in communication uses no more. Of course, to train him as a shepherd, is not necessary. He was bored by these lessons and stop listening. With a broad and powerful legs in the brush, despite the not very comfortable for this stand-up ears, he swims beautifully, perfectly trained for rescue on the water. Dane quickly learn to be a lifesaver in case of natural disasters on the fires. His instinct he is not bad, it usually uses it to zanyuhivaniya on top, is on the trail of the top flair. At the detention of anyone, dog teeth are rarely used, mainly uses the mass of the body to immobilize the "intruder", press it. Despite the size, the dog does not eat more than a sheepdog, because the energy efficiency in the movement. Standard dane - 80 cm for males, smaller - for females. No upper limit. To lanky dog ​​did not seem flat, from infancy to force him to carry cargo, swim more. This will strengthen its constitution, develop chest muscles. Dog does not just accept commands. It analyzes the data. At the hint of aggression against its owner does not expect the team, and taking steps on their own, according to risk. The teeth in the course starts up very rarely. All danes - big peacekeepers. At the sight of fights between danes and people, quarrels, be sure to make an attempt to intervene and separate them. Do not advise to choose dog as their first dane. In order to train the dog well, releasing its intellectual power, to develop the personal qualities necessary to be a very experienced dog breeder. A non-contact, poorly trained dog is dangerous and difficult, is not interested in the content. It is mastiff and rottweiler, but its content is at home makes it difficult is that it is not yet eradicated the habit of herding dog. Rottweiler has proven itself as a reliable and protective guard dog because it is used for patrol.