Ratter in sheep clothing

There's an opinion they were the miners who has brought into being this breed in 1825 to catch rats and other small animals which took up mines. As a result of breeding English Whippet (small flat-coated dog, intentionally bred for races and reaches 70 km per hour), Otterhound (was bred to hunt otters) and Dandie Dinmont (Scottish terrier which hunted small animals in holes) Bedlington came into the world. The name of the breed corresponds to the place of birth, a city in Northumberland. The second opinion is the poachers used these dogs (to hunt wild fowl) and Roma nomads (caught rodent and other small animals). In 18th century, Lord Rothbury from Bedlington, Northumbrian County bought this dog at Roma. Remember, when you hear Rothbury-terrier it is the Bedlington. They became the club aristocrats in 1875 when the National Bedlington-Terrier Club was found, whose patrons were rather wealthy men of weight. By the way, it exists nowadays. This breed of dogs became popular because of its sheep appearance and spread throughout Europe, the USA and Russia. But this sheep isn't an innocent lamb. Its height is up to 50 cm and weight is about 10 kg, it has strong jaws and nonrigid muscular body. Hunting qualities may be used to protect house and owners (they are watchful with strangers, sometimes bring strongly marked aggression). They are true friends and good playmates for children and you will hardly see monkey tricks, because they're very obedient and intelligent. The owner must get ready to take care of it, if he wants to buy this dog (rather, to take care of soft-hard curly hair) daily combing with special brushes, it's advisable to bathe once a week and cut hair every two months. This breed is too tough for lazybones. Dynamic and frisky Bedlingtons won't allow you to sit on a bench during the walks but will force you to be more energetic. The most important plus is the hypo allergenicity of the breed.