Best breeds of dog to live in apartments

Everyone in his life sometimes needs a way of escaping. Somebody wants to change work, somebody moves to other city and somebody gets a dog. It might be a true guard or funny friend or both. Before you bring a fluffy ball home, you should think about it carefully. Consider its size, because large dogs are not suitable for apartment keeping. It is worth noting, that the dogs size is in sync with its care. You should know that it live in average 10-15 years, and all this time it requires care, love and attention of its owner every day. What does care include? Everyone knows from childhood dogs need many long walks. It is an axiom. Every dog needs to move to be healthy and strong. More than 2 hours it is a daily limit for walks. You should consider both your dogs character and your preference. Such breeds as Beagle, Collie, Shetland shepherds, any of Schnauzers, Pinchers and terriers would be the best for sport lovers, active walks, and nature trips. These are active dogs able to investigate a new territory with great pleasure or to play a ball game. Such dogs as pugs, Chows, English and French bulldogs, Peking dogs and Corgi are suitable for calm people who like deliberate pastime. The advantages of these breeds are emotional stability and strong psyche, which is a great plus for people living in apartments. No matter what breed you choose, because the best dog is educated dog. You need to train your dog every day. Even the smallest lapdogs need to be socialized. In addition, the owner should take care of its health. The dog should visit a vet and have all necessary vaccinations done in time. The basis of any health is proper feeding. You have to choose a balanced diet for your dog containing all the vitamins and microelements. The best option here is a use of specialized feeds made for each breed of dog. Of course, before you get a dog, you should carefully weigh your capabilities. Do not get a dog as a present for children if the parents are against it. After all, the kid is not always able to cope with all the responsibilities of its care. Best breeds to keep in apartments Beagle. The dog of average size, one of the hunting breeds. Shorthaired, which is a big plus for unexperienced owners. This breed if different because of curiosity, playfulness and kindness. It easily gets along with family members and even with other dogs. Shetland shepherd and Collie. Clever and friendly dogs of average size; love children. They are in need of higher movability and large space of living. They are longhaired. English and French bulldogs. Stumpy, calm dogs of small size easily get along with children and other pets. Pug dogs. A true lapdog of small size with calm character. The dog has piece temper, developed intelligence and innate culture. It looks to overfeeding. Pekinese. A longhaired dog of miniature breed. The care is easy. The one difficulty is high care for its long hair. Its nature is calm and discreet. Chow. They look like big plush bears. At the same side the dogs have independent character, often do not need the owners attention. These dogs need proper hair care. It has good guarding skills. Dogs world has many breeds. No matter, what breed you choose but it is better to buy a dog in a breeder from parents with healthy psyche. It is worth remembering, that even mongrels might be best friends and beloved family member.