Unusual sphinx cats. Description of the breed and care

According to legend, these amazing creatures, namely the so-called sphinxes, have their origin far from the days of antiquity.It is interesting that the ancient Aztecs bred the cats of this breed.An elongated body, the lack of a mustache and a large wedge-shaped head, characterize hairless pets and in the winter, their back and a tail were covered with dense hair.Modern representatives of this breed are not much different from its predecessors, but have their own interesting features. Therefore, strong, rounded, quite elegant body, of medium size are inherent to these cats.Legs are oval, strong and graceful toes.The tail without hair, quite thin and long.As mentioned above, cats have a wedge-shaped head with prominent cheekbones, big beautiful eyes, big ears, wide at the base.The main descriptive characteristic is, of course, no hair, but in some cases, there may be a little floss.The skin is particularly tender, and there are folds on the neck, forehead and legs. These pets do not have very good looks, but they can safely boast soft, loving and sober-minded.They are not aggressive and revenge, even after the penalties.Sphinxes are quite kind and affectionate.They are very devoted to their owners. Oddly enough, these pets in their intellectual abilities are similar to dogs.They are intelligent and amenable to training.For example, the owner can teach your pet to bring any objects in its mouth, to perform certain tricks, open doors, windows, and so on.In addition, these unusual animals do not mind to walk on a leash, and it does not bother them.As already mentioned, the Sphinx are faithful to their owners because they understand totally dependence on them.The authority of the owner is very valuable to them, and because of this, they are well aware of the habits and interests of their respective owners.Sphinxes are very sociable and constantly need to communicate with people and attention. Care for these animals does not require special treatment, but has its own characteristics.Since these animals do not have a warm cover, it should be warm in the room where they are located.For the winter season, you can buy warm clothes for your pet.It is recommended to wipe the skin of the animal with a sponge or bathe it regularly.After bathing, it is important to wipe the cat off well, preventing cooling.As for big ears, then they tend to cluster of dark discharge, because they require specific care.They should be cleaned with a damp cotton swab.If the animal lives in the apartment, then it is necessary to trim the tips of the nails.