7 most frequent questions about cats

How to choose most healthy kittens among others? Pay attention to cleanliness of ears, eyes and nose there mustn’t be any escape. The mucous membrane of the mouth has to be pink. If the anus is smeared with dejection that means the kitten has scours. It can be the symptom of various diseases. Puffed stomach means a kitten has rachitis or verminosis. Tousled and slipping hair is the sign of ill health. How to train a kitten to go to the toilet in certain place? After each meal take it to a backet with filler. Some people think that kittens need sand at first. A kitten should be able to use a toilet with 2 months age. If it does a crap in other place clean the floor with vinegar dip. Sound effect can also help. When a cat wants to pee, throw beside it a clattering thing. If it picked a certain place you should put there a sheet of aluminium foil. The sound will scare the animal. If the carpet or sofa is dirty try to completely destroy the smell of urine. Wash the dirty place thoroughly and dredge it with baking powder. When it’s dry remove the baking powder with the help of vacuum cleaner. How to take care of cat’s hair? This should be done during molting or severe dirt. At first use a brush and then soaked and squeezed terrycloth. Longhaired cats must be combed with large-toothed brush and then with small-tooth brush. If you properly take care of your cat then avoid bathing. It’s recommended when a cat is really dirty, removal of parasites and before cat shows but only Persian Cats of certain colors. How to take care of eyes? It should be done with the help of cotton wool ball with tea. Don’t use chamomile brew, it causes hair loss around eyes. For ears care use boiled vegetable oil. Soak a cotton swab in it and wipe inner surface of the ear. Does a cat have to walk? Walks are very useful. Don’t let it to walk alone. It can be contracted or it can wound itself. Use breast-band during walks. How to take the temperature of a cat? Oil the thermometer and put it on one-third in anus. Normal temperature of cats is 38-39.5 degrees. Kittens may have higher temperature. You can measure a pulse rate. It can be detected by femoral artery which is located on inner side of the thigh. Pulse should be 110-130 beats per minute.