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We have 10 cutest Maine Coon kittens, polydactyl and regular.
7 were born on 02.27.2023 and 3 were born on 03.08.2023.
Parents with pedigrees, all came from Europe, all tests: N/N, TICA registered.
(dad #1 - Skywalker is a black tabby N22 Polydactyl and mom #1 - Leia is a Tortie Smoke FS)
(dad #2-Renton is a black smoke NS and Mom #2 - Gucci is Tortie with White Calico F03)

Offered only as pets, no breeding rights, must be sprayed/neutered around 6 month old.

They will be ready to move to their new homes on or after June 1st when they complete 3 rounds of vaccinations.

Kittens descriptions:
1. Red Boy ~ $2500 (Reserved);
2. Red Smoke Polydactyl Boy. He has rare color coat + polydactyl trait, that makes him so unique ~$3,000;
3. Black/Brown Tabby Polydactyl Boy ~ 2800;
4. Solid Black Regular Boy ~ $2500;
5. Black/Brown Classic Tabby Polydactil Girl ~ $2500;
6. Black/Brown Tortie Polydactyl Girl ~ $2500;
7. Black Tortie Polydactil Girl ~ $2500;
8. Black Tortie Smoke Regular Girl ~ 2800;
9. Tuxedo Black Smoke @ White Regular Girl ~ $2500;
10. Tuxedo Black & White Regular Girl ~ $2500.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, schedule a visit or request more photos of a particular kitten:)

Please check SkywalkerCoons.com website for more info and pictures of the parents.


Pet Type: Cats
Pet Type: Cats
Pet Type: Cats

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