Munchkin is a cat with short legs. However, short limbs do not affect the instincts of animals and their official capacities. Short-legged cats are not much different from the usual. They are playful, curious and independent. Munchkin, crawling on the curtains for any insects, or jumping on a mechanical clockwork mouse looks very funny. If there are more than ten breeds of short-legged dogs, then this breed of cat is only one, and not all international associations recognize this breed. Munchkins are longhaired and shorthaired. Depending on body size, short-legged cats can fall into one of three types. The smallest are called dwarf Munchkin, medium-sized are classified as "a standard Munch" and the cat with the shortest legs are called "super munch". Munchkin looks very comical standing on its hind legs. It uses its tail as a backup in order to maintain balance, and short limbs hanging along the body, make cats look like kangaroos. Moreover, in this position, they are able to remain quite a long time. Nevertheless, not only with its appearance short-legged cats conquer people. They are very intelligent, sociable and gentle animals. They are like dogs, like walks in the fresh air, can easily make friends with all the animals, including other cats, and their low height is not a hindrance. They easily get used to new people and new premises. They, undoubtedly, will be good companions for frequent travelers. They can be devoted to their owners as much as dogs. Munchkins love to play with toys; they do not resist young children when they try to swaddle them or to put in a toy car. They are very energetic and loved; almost never show aggression, however, will not be afraid to fight with the courtyard cats, if they have to stand up for themselves. Moreover, if the enemy of the Munchkin were a representative of any other breed of cat, it would be in a very difficult position, because it cannot predict the behavior of an unpredictable opponent. Hair color of Munchkins can be diverse; although long and short hair, of the same color looks different.