What breed of cats suits your kind?

1. Asian (eastern) breed Having something in common with Siamese cats, these animals have large pointed ears and are curious. They are very intelligent, like to be in a society, deeply attached to their owners, so they'll be loyal and playful companions. The smooth body of Asian cat is more muscular than it might seem at first sight. Sometimes it can be very loud and attentive - in general, it is a cat, which is characterized by "dog's" devotion. 2. American Shorthair breed This athletic cat comes from the British shorthair, however, it looks bigger, cleaner and stronger than its transatlantic twin. It can have a wide range of color and is considered to be a long-liver (15-20 years), which is longer than usual. American Shorthair quickly finds common language with children and even with dogs. It is a viable, affectionate, good-natured and undemanding - there is no need to buy a specific food, shampoos and other expensive items. 3. Burmese breed This beautiful cat comes from Burma. A legend says this animal was the guard of Burmese temples. It is a large, long and strong cat with a long, thin silky hair that doesn't tangle and doesn't break into mats, in contrast to Persian breed. Burmese can be identified by blue eyes, dark spots on the ears and tail, and paws that are "dressed" in white "shoes". This gentle affectionate cat loves to play and doesn't disturb its owner, if he's busy. 4. Sphynx Although it seems that the famous breed named after the Egyptian monument, looks completely hairless, it still has some hair. It is rather easy floss of peach color on the body and is characterized by high sensitivity to sunlight and chemical activation. This is the main reason why the Sphinx is considered to be a pet. It is affectionate, energetic and warm to touch cat that likes to cuddle up to its master, and it even likes to sleep under the cover with him. Therefore, the Sphinx with its pointed ears and curious nature will be fun gift for any family. 5. Ragdoll This unusual name of this breed was given in the 60s due to the fact that it is always very relaxed and heavy to lift. However, sluggish and affectionate cat loves to roam its owner from room to room like a puppy. It is pretty defenseless, and therefore isn't able to walk on the streets alone. Furthermore, this breed is considered the best choice for families with children, because during the game it never floats its claws and teeth. Ragdoll's hair is similar to plush and requires regular care. In general it's a calm cat, which is characterized by measured and relaxed lifestyle. 6. Siamese breed These cats are obsessed with attracting attention, but they are very loving, affectionate and sociable. Although different hair color is possible, distinguishing mark of this breed is the dark spots on the snout, ears, paws and tail. Interestingly, its meowing is very similar to a human baby crying. Although the Siamese can be nervous and sensitive, it is a slave to habits, and therefore doesn't like any changes in its daily life. Therefore, a person who travels a lot and takes a beloved pet, a Siamese cat won't be the best choice. 7. Abyssinian breed This is one of the oldest breeds, which has similarities with the Egyptian cat thanks to the flexible body, large pointed ears and slender legs. It is skittish, smart and active pet who likes to explore different things and places. Its love for watching the master can be compared only with the love to water that is the hallmark of the breed. Despite the curious nature, Abyssinian cat behaves quietly and timidly and even fearfully in unfamiliar environment. Its personalityis highly expressed that prevents playful communication. Therefore, in search of fun and attractive pet, it is better to pass the representative of the Abyssinian breed by. However, it will be a loving friend for calm and elderly people. 8. Exotic Shorthair breed This is a "cut" version of Persian cats. With its flat face and round ears, this breed looks very unusual. With the same temperament as the Persian "brother", this cat prefers more lively and different lifestyle and it's curious. If it's alone it is quiet and peaceful. This pet is ideal for those who want to have a Persian cat, but does not have much free time to take proper care of animals. 9. Maine Coon cat ("nativeborn" breed). Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat and reaches full maturity in 3-4 years. It has very thick hair with a water-repellent layer, big wide paws, which allow to move almost silently, and a thick tail which the cat can cover its face during bad weather with. Maine Coon is a very popular breed not only because of its temperament, but also because of good skills of catching mice. It is also a healthy and hardy pet, it's able to find common language with children and various animals, including dogs. 10. The Persian breed. Everyone knows about Persian cats. It is known for its long nice hair, impressive eyes and flat face, the Persian breed is also considered one of the most ancient. This tranquil attractive cat likes familiar and quiet environment, so mostly lives at home. Also, the Persian requires daily care and regular swimming since its hair is prone to roll up and loss of shine. However, loving purring care is just one of many pleasures of having such a companion. These exotic breeds differ with curiosity, beauty and excellent social skills. But, of course, the best pet is that lives at your home.