Cat's brain: behavioral characteristics of domestic cats

The best for cats We all sincerely love our pets and try to make their life better and more aesthetic. We buy bowls for food, soft blankets and a special tree, so that they can sharpen their claws. In fact, a cat doesn't care, from what it will eat - from a beautiful dish or a tin. If your cat prefers to eat food from a prestigious and expensive bowls with turning away from the old saucer, then it's crazy cat. Normal cat will eat from anything. Only if there's something to eat. It doesn't care where to sleep - in expensive"nest" or on old blanket. The cat always sleeps wherever she wants at the moment. You can try a million times to push it into a "nest", but it still will run away, and will sleep, for example, on a high cupboard, on the couch or on the kitchen table. She likes to choose different places for sleep and there is nothing we can do about it. It will sharpen its claws in the old fashioned way - on furniture, doors or on the couch. You can beat the cat, yell at her with horrible voice and wave your hands. It will look round eyes, wondering why so beloved master behaves so strangely. Family hierarchy You'd be surprised, but your cat sees you as another slightly strange and rather stupid cat. Cats believe people are some kind of freaks. If you do not believe me, imagine that you look at yourself bottom up. What do you see? Huge eyes, absurdly large hands and feet, a loud voice, reminiscent of thunder, and heavy footsteps. In other words, the real horror. That's how your cat see you and then it has two options: take you as a cat or not. In the first case, the animal accepts you, in a second ignores you. The most difficult case is when you've got an adult animal. The cat will try to re-educate you so you fully conform to its needs: care and feed it in time. Don't doubt, if you forget about your responsibilities, the cat is sure to remind you about them. Effect on the carless owner Aggression. The cat may scratch or bite any part of the body. Making a reprehensible act. If you forget to pour feed into the bowl in time, the cat can make puddle or break your favorite book into small pieces. Resentment. The cat will silently go away and will lie like a dead, patiently waiting for you to realize your mistake and apologize. If you make such a mistake, it'll have a hump with you, sit in front of you, expressing with all its view a silent reproach. Cats strictly rank all family members, based on their own interests. The hostess is a source of communication and affection. The cat comes to her to receive affection and love. The owner is the giver of food and games. The cat perceives a child as a kitten, so it goes easy with his harassment. It makes sad eyes and tolerates it. Remember the main thing: in cat's life people play a role of the family and if we comply with the terms of cat's hierarchy, then everything is fine - the cat feels peaceful, if we don't follow the rules - the animal feels anxiety and discomfort. It's necessary to punish the cat, especially if the offense and time missed each other. In this case, the animal doesn't understand why it's punished. It's useless to beat it: it doesn't understand why it was hit, but will remember this poor man who had hurt it. Cat theft Almost all happy cat owners tell the cat is a thief. Believe me, the cat doesn't think so. Did you put a piece of meat on the table? Yes, you did. Whom you put it for? It's clear to anyone: for the cat. That's why it pulls the meat of the table. It thinks it isn't a thief, it is a getter. How to dishabituate a beast not to steal? Anyhow. Just don't leave food unkept and feed the animal in time. Do you want to live with a cat in peace and harmony? Accept it with all its advantages and disadvantages. If you don't follow this advice, you'll only make worse for yourself.