Munchkin: a brief description of the breed

Debates and discussions Features of character: usually friendly and outgoing, playful, intelligent. Suitable for: families, singles, cat owner beginners. Other: they love attention, they're active and very curious, when they need to get on a high surface (they will use any available supporter to climb higher). Brief information What pets are they like? These cats usually have sociable character. ususally ... because it is a mixed breed (more on this below), and its character is less predictable than the character of purebred pedigreed cats. They are gentle and love care. Munchkins may be long- and short-haired. Munchkin with long hair requires regular care, especially in the abdominal area, to prevent the appearance of tangles. If you walk the Munchkin, in the house you should clean its belly from the dust, leaves and grass. Some believe, munchkins can be caught by a dog or a fox, because short legs don't allow these cats to run fast. Appearance, structure and color The hallmark of Munchkins (as kittens and cats) are short, slightly curved legs. They look a bit like a basset, but unlike them they don't suffer back problems. A gene responsible for short legs isn't connected with hair color so munchkins may occur in any color. History The breed was bred in Luisiana in the 80s of the last century, when one girl rescued two short-legged cats, which were attacked by the dog. One cat was pregnant and soon it gave birth to several kittens with short legs. They were called Munchkins how little people from "The Wizard of Oz". So why are the debates there? Short legs of Munchkin are the result of the genetic fault. Some cat owners think it is unethical to breed deliberately short-legged cats (although on the other hand, they are quite hardy). Also, due to the nature of inheritance of the gene very likely are deaths of kittens. Normally, if we get two munchkins even, the probability that a kitten is born dead, is 25% (1 of 4). This mortality rate is considered unacceptable by some experts. However, many owners of munchkins say the cats don't have any health problems and they're wonderful pets. Taking into account all the factors everyone has the right to decide for himself whether this breed is suitable for him.