How to buy a cat

You have decided to get a cat. It's a very serious decision. Be sure to weigh all the pros and cons. It's necessary to prepare for cleaning carpets and furniture from its hair, to learn to forgive the stolen sausage from the table and torn things. Your pet may be sick and you have to spend money on its treatment. Nevertheless, communication with the cat will bring you more pleasure than frustration.

Breed or not?

Cats are the most sociable among all pets. They love when you care and play with them. Each breed requires special care. If you like fluffy cats, you can contact the nursery or ask your friends. If you want to buy a certain breed of cat, you'll know its character and future life at your home.

What to look for when you choose a cat?

Everybody lobes beauty. At first, people always pay attention to the beauty of the kitten. You need to fully understand the nature of cats of different breeds.

There are sociable cats who will be active in your life. Such cats need the presence of owners in the house. Also, there are breeds which don't accept attacks on their privacy. In such a case, cats and children are incompatible.

Of course, everybody likes the cat with smooth and fluffy hair, but there's a great care of furniture and home (carpets, bedding, etc.) behind it. Therefore, people who have little free time have to choose flat-coated breeds of cats.

If you want to buy a fluffy cat, then it is best to purchase a cat of Persian breed or Burma. If there's someone always at home, then the best choice will be the Turkish Angora, the Siberian, Norwegian Forest Cat and American Curl. These cats always play and communicate. For small children are good such breeds as the Scottish Fold, Turkish Van, Sphynx.

Male or female cat?

How to choose and buy a kitten?

The character of the kitten doesn't depend on its sex. The male cat can be coward and calm, and the female cat can sometimes become aggressive and unkind. If you can't accurately determine the breed and sex of the kitten, it is best to consult specialists in nurseries. There you will be given all the documents for your future pet. From these documents, you will learn about the nature of iis parents, even, if necessary, you can see them.

If you buy an outbred kitten, then take a good look good at it. Pay attention to these signs: is it afraid of people?, does it hide when it sees people? and so on. The easiest way is to put your hand into the basket and see the reaction of the kitten. If the kitten sniffs your fingers or wants to lick them, you can be sure you have a friend. The appearance of a person shall not cause panic and fear of the kitten.

The second step is to make sure the kitten is healthy:

- there mustn't any secretion in the eyes and the nose;

- hair shouldn't be dim;

- run your hand over the body, to feel there are any tumors or scratches;

- watch the anus, it should not be glued from diarrhea;

- the eyes shouldn't water, they must be clean;

- If you scrtach its tummy and the kitten behaves excitedly, then surely there's a problem with the intestines.


You can't take a kitten from its mother too soon. The best thing is when the kitten is taken from the mother at the age of 2 months or more. During this time the kitten eats mother's milk and gains valuable nutrients. If you take a kitten from the mother too early it negatively affects its physical development. Purebred kittens are taken from the mother after 12 weeks.

When the mother is feeding its child, she also teaches him to lick, to go to the toilet, to hunt (in game form) and communicate with the outside world. Playing with its brothers and sisters, the kitten gets a good physical development.

Choosing a purebred kitten

In this case, don't rely on the literature on the choice of the cats, it is necessary to contact the experts, breeders and experienced felinologists. Each breed has its own peculiarities. Purchasing a purebred cat is expensive, you have to be ready for this.

If you are going to do show breeding work, then you definitely need the help of the head of the club. Sometimes unscrupulous breeders may sell you a kitten that won't fit for breeding, so you need to consult several heads of clubs.

When you buy a purebred kitten, it is necessary to know the list of documents that the breeder must give you. General principles of the transfer of a kitten and documents are always the same. The main document is the document of origin. The form of the document is determined by each club.

Required document attributes:

- The name of the club that gives the document;

- Number and date of documentation;

- Date of birth, color, sex, breed;

- Name and address of the owner of the cat;

- Stamp and signature of the head of the club.

You must be given the original document, not a photocopy. After some time this document should be replaced by pedigree. The pedigree includes complete information about the kitten and its ancestors. Usually, the change of certificate to a pedigree is done after 10 months after the birth of a kitten. It is necessary to require health certificate because a cat without it won't be allowed to take part in cat shows.

Be sure to ask the seller about the habits of a kitten, about the conditions of its keeping. Take the phone and address of the breeder, because you definitely have to get advice in the future about its feeding and caring. Be sure to give ear to all the advice, instead of buying a "pig in a poke."