Choosing a pet

Once you have decided to get a kitten you have a question about who to choose - a male or a female. At an early age, the behavior of kittens is not different, and sexual identity has no effect on their behavior. However, with age, everything is significantly changing both the character and behavior. Let's take a male, for example, A male cat is a vivid expression of independence that will allow you to stroke, play and feed it. Your home is a site for your pet, as in your apartment, it considers itself a major owner. Your feet will be attacked. Sometimes it will be hard to find him, he will climb into the closet, and bury in a pile of laundry or somewhere else. Cats, by nature, are very curious and try to examine every new thing, sniff and if you allow him to do this, even if it is a package. As a true host of the house, it holds all the events taking place here under his personal control. If you meet guests or you're busy at home, you will always be in his field of vision and he will follow you every time. A male cat always wants to be a leader. On this basis, you should understand that if you get a male cat in your house, you are giving your pet a leading position, it should feel like a real host of the house. You cannot wait a special affection from him. He can let you to stroke himself, rub on your feet and then do what he wants. Sometimes, he can show aggression if he does not like your actions. They are less tidy than female cats, they have stronger smell. He may walk for a week, and you run the risk not to recognize him because of fights with other cats. The worst thing in cat's keeping is their nature to mark territory. Sometimes, it is possible to overcome the instinct, and some cats do not need to mark their territory. Some owners just castrate their animals because of this. A female cat is a complete contrast to the male cat; she is more affectionate. If she sets her rules at home, it is not so hard. She will try to achieve everything, using her own whims rubbing in trust. They show their emotions more openly relatively cats, they lick themselves for hours, continuously with enviable persistence tends to approach you and get care from you. If a male cat receiving affection tried to run away from you, everything is exactly the opposite with a female cat. The biggest problem in the keeping of female cat occurs regularly during estrus. It can be expressed in shouts at any time. If the catwalks on the street at this time, be sure that she is sure to bring you refill. It follows from this, you have to endure the cries of a female cat or be prepared for the replenishment of the family or sterilize your favorite. In any case, you get to choose, who to get and how to keep it.