A sound cat in a sound house. Feed pets properly

Cats have always been the subject of human inspiration. Poems, songs, prose, wonderful quotes and wise sayings are devoted to these mystical animals. Cats rescue us from loneliness, create home coziness and are an excellent remedy for stress. There is nothing better than to sit in a comfortable chair with a cup of tea, a favorite book and a warm purring fluffy in your lap.

Unfortunately, pet's purchase is often a spontaneous and ill-considered decision. You can pick up a frozen little creature on the street, thus giving it a warm home and saving from starvation in the streets. Some people fall in love with their future pet from a pet store or in the subway, seeing the touching attractive snout with sad eyes. There are those who get animals as presents from friends and relatives.

In any case, the person who has purchased the cat becomes the proud owner of a new family member. Forward-minded youth may look at a guide how to take care of a pet in the Internet, but the vast majority will take care of animals, based on their meager and often quite erroneous knowledge in this area.

Among cat owners, there is a variety of myths about cats' care, and most of these myths are inculcated from childhood. This concerns feeding cats. Food from the table, including milk and especially fish are improper for cats. The adult animals badly absorb lactose, and fishery products cause urolithiasis, which is incurable. If you are curious at friends, which keep cats, about their pets' health, perhaps you will be very surprised to learn how often these beautiful animals suffer from a variety of chronic diseases. Many diseases could be easily avoided if you know in advance what you can feed the cats, and what should not. Salt, sugar, any spices, oil, cereals, fried food are cat's poison. There is a long cumulative effect in their body, so you may not notice ailments for a long time. Cats are able to endure the pain for a long time without showing it to the owner.

Cheap feed, which is often advertised on TV and in the Internet, is also damage to the health of your little friend. The ingredients of these feeds is not meat but cheap offal, feathers, claws, antlers, cereals, starch and flavorings. Thanks to flavors, the cat is happy to eat the food, and then refuses to eat healthy food that does not smell so intensely. Just imagine how much cash goes into creating these feeds advertising, to invite well-known people, which screen in commercials. Marketing costs pay off. Packaging is bright, glossy, written as part of impeccable ingredients. Can 100 grams of high-quality meat, vitamins, minerals and other trace elements, indicated on the packaging manufacturer cost such ridiculous money? There is a fair question, so what to feed your pet to keep it healthy? First, forget about buying feeds at grocery stores, where you never buy a quality product. You can easily order a healthy food on a regular basis on the Internet or go to the pet store. It is best to give preference to the premium and super premium feeds. Nevertheless, always pay attention to the composition of the feed and vet advice, which examines a pet.

It is better to abstain natural food. It is very difficult to cook properly balanced food for your pet. You will need to buy a variety of additional vitamins and nutritional supplements. After all, as a result of an unbalanced diet may be metabolism. This will entail a deterioration in exterior and well-being, enhanced shedding and lethargy.

Poor care increases the possibility of diseases at times.

Medicine will cost you much more expensive than buying once a month expensive high quality feed. Besides frequent visits to the vet is the time which you do not have a lot. Sick animals require constant medical supervision, the purchase of special medical feeds and regular reception of the set of medicines.

Nowadays, it is very fashionable to keep purebred animals. Each breed has its weaknesses and an increased risk of diseases. Therefore, it is particularly important to pay attention to the rules of the pedigree cats keeping.

Getting an animal, you imagine a long friendship, joy, communion and mutual love with the pet. However, definitely not a constant hassle about its health and well-being. Care for pets properly. Then, they will not cause any trouble, but fill life with warmth and love.