Tips novice dog breeder

The novice dog breeder there are so many questions, what breed, what sex and age should buy a dog. The most useful and versatile breed of dogs is the German Shepherd and East European. The representatives of this breed is not forgiving of food and the conditions of detention, as they can easily withstand the cold and heat, and quickly adapt to the new conditions of detention, easily subject to training. If you want a guard dog for the protection of private houses, for these purposes in addition to German and Alsatian, very good podoyted Caucasian, Central Asian and South Russian Shepherd, Moscow sentry, black terrier. But then again, I remind that no one is quite certain you advise a particular breed because every dog ​​is a breed apart from its individual is with his temperament and intelligence. What sex to get a dog? Each floor are certain features that you should know when choosing a dog. In puppyhood gender difference is not noticeable for a beginner not very important. After puberty, sexual differentiation and behavior of dogs becomes pronounced. Females unlike cable in most cases it carries little weight and a calm demeanor. The cables also much larger and more active in every sense. Therefore, a person is physically not very developed more suitable female. How old is better to buy a dog? The average life of a dog is 10-12 years. By purchasing a puppy, you can count that by coincidence of favorable circumstances during these years the dog will be with you. The adult dog is to live so many years you can not. Besides taking adult dogs do not forget that it took place at the same one individual, ie the identity and alter under its own way is almost impossible. From puppy is an effort and patience, you can get a great dog, friend, caretaker, or service dog. And the most important advice for beginners. Before buying a dog, and think its very possible that the desire to have a dog. Very often, the decision to plant the dog is taken very quickly, resulting in soon found out that the dog is generally not needed and yes there is no one to look after her, and the dog was not a friend but an extra burden. Therefore getting a dog remember the liability and, if you not in the least self.