How to take care of a rising puppy

While walking in the yard, take dog’s collar with your left hand and start cleaning its head then its neck, hips, fore and hind feet and finish with breastbone and tail with your right hand. Dogs accept this procedure with pleasure, when you lead the brush seesaw without strong pressure and sharpness. Massage the puppy’s skin very good and then the dog will put its body obediently. During the cleaning clear the brush from dirt and hair. Such dogs as collies and St. Bernard dogs have nice hair, and then you can knit sweaters and hats of combed fluff. By the way, dogs’ fluff helps with radiculitis. Every month a puppy needs more food. Little by little, you can decrease the dose of milk and give him more meat. Puppies of large breed, such as Great Danes and St. Bernard dogs do not need much porridge. Their legs barely support the weight of their bodies, because the bones aren’t strong enough. That’s why the owners give them such food they don’t swell. The owners give them meat and fish that is passed through the mincing machine. During these months, the main thing is the puppy eats different food to have a lot of vitamins and substances from which bones grow. During fourth and fifth months puppy’s teeth are changing. It is the most dangerous period for your furniture and shoes. Sometimes the puppy’s gingivae are so itchy that he cannot lie quietly and he chews everything he sees. You have to be sure he has enough toys he can chew for fun. Big bones, piece of solid rubber, wooden block without edgy splinters – all these things could be toys. Don’t worry if a puppy is capricious a lot. He will grow up and calm down soon.