9 fatal errors pet owners

To avoid such troubles, give some of the most common mistakes made by pet owners. Error number 1. An ill-considered purchase One of the most common mistakes. Often pet appears in the apartment as a result of a momentary impulse, but then when the owner is aware of the level of responsibility begins to regret your purchase. Error number 2. Drubbing Another grave mistake that people make is not thinking about the consequences. If suddenly you caught your pet for the "wrong" voice can be much better to express their dissatisfaction than physical punishment. Error number 3. Fuzzy rules of conduct Very common situation, for example, when you allow the cat to climb on the bed, and your husband - no. As a result, pet does not understand how to lead him. Gather your family and come up with a clear set of rules for your pet. Error number 4. Lack of exercise It should be remembered that a pet needs daily physical activity (in particular, this applies to dogs). The lack of activity may adversely affect the emotional state of your pet. If you have a dog, walk with her at least twice a day for half an hour, if the cat - daily Take time out to play with him. Error number 5. Lack of training Again, this item mainly relates to dogs. Puppy training should begin at the age of two months. If you do not, eventually pet stop to listen to you. Obedient pet - a pledge of his long and happy life. Error number 6. Many dangerous things in the apartment Before you bring a pet into the house, you should hide the wires, household chemicals, poisonous plants and other dangerous objects. Error number 7. Improper feeding Should not be fed pet remnants of breakfast, lunch or dinner. Better go to the vet clinic and consult a physician for a balanced diet. Do not overfeed your pet. Once all can cause a variety of diseases. Error number 8. Late vaccination To pet is not picked up a viral infection, it should be promptly vaccinated. No harm will conduct preventive treatment against fleas, ticks and other insects which transmit dangerous diseases. Error number 9. Prolonged isolation Pets - sociable creatures. Prolonged absence of the owner may adversely affect the character of your pet. If you are a long time will not be home, arrange with your neighbors so that they periodically visited pet.