First commands for training dogs

While bringing up a puppy you have to be patient and only then you’ll grow a dog which will always be true and will love you more than any living creature in the world. On the other hand, you have to be strict sometimes. When the puppy jumps off its seat and wants to walk around the apartment, put it on its couch, press gently and say “Sit”. After a while, your puppy will learn a command. At the same time train your dog to its name. A moment before your dog realizes you want to feed him, call his name. Some people make a mistake: they call their puppy like a cat, many times say their names. You have to call it once with a call-up tone so that your dog answers to it. Unfortunately, dogs can’t understand human speech. Although, many dogs who have lived in families for a long time, can differ the meanings of some words. From the very first days, the commands you teach your dog have to consist of one-two words and be pronounced clearly and distinctly. You say “Sit!” the puppy sits. But if you say “Sit down, please, briefly” the puppy won’t understand you. So, first commands are: “Sit” and dog's name. You might want to take him for a walk. During the first weeks, especially days, do it when the weather;s fine. At first, the puppy won’t need a lot of place in the yard. Grass is the best place. It’s important there are no adult dogs, because they can scare your puppy. Although, adult dogs will never offend a puppy. Still puppies can be frightened. The most dangerous things in the town for your puppy are cars. A lot of our true friends died under their wheels. The main reason is they have different sight and see the running car at the last moment. So, exclude walking your dog without a leash where cars drive. During the first days don’t use leashes and collars. You can use them later.