Mistakes in dog training

Incorrect techniques This kind of faults can be caused by certain mistakes: The use of not clear and not consistent organizational plan. Mistakes in demonstration techniques' practice. During training the individual character of a trained dog is ignored. A person who trains animal doesn't listen to its behavior and doesn't catch its signals. It often happens, the dog trainer doesn't pay enough attention to his work and it is seen in planning lessons. They are conducted haphazardly and without required priority. The best thing can happen after such training is an extension of the course of training. The worst thing is spoiled behavior and unexpected skills of the animal. All methods must be treated separately during the training. Dog trainer must oversee his student doesn't have strong ties with the trainer. For example, the animal may associate learning environment with the implementation of techniques and in other circumstances he won’t do tricks or do them disorderly and incorrectly. If a person regularly wants animal to do the same chain of tricks, the animal will begin to make them without a command. Don’t give classes in the same direction. After some time you give it a different direction and it can get lost and can't pick up the trail. Do not bring the actions of the dog to automatism. Faults in techniques A trainer has to know how to controle the behaviour of the dog perfectly. If a person holds the leash hesitatingly, such lessons are quite problematic for both sides. It is necessary to see the collar doesn't squeeze its throat but is moderately tight. Careless and incorrect putting of the breast-band can cause hurt to the skin, which also influences negatively on working points. Quite often, the mastakes in techniques which are systematic cause methodic faults.