Dog in the house

To begin to understand the main thing that the dog - it's not a toy, and it requires care, concern and love. Therefore it is necessary to think carefully and weigh the pros and cons. Most often give birth to young couples or pet parents give their children and furry little bundle of joy. In either case, the person has an enormous responsibility, especially in the first months after the four-legged friend. So, having decided on a serious step, the host must first prepare your house (apartment) for the arrival of "baby." Basically, people get puppies who need to provide the best conditions for life, according to individual diet and devote considerable amount of time. Already a few months pet should be trained teams to plan his daily menu and do not forget about vaccinations. In the run-up is recommended to get bowls for food and water, a collar, comfortable rug, leash and other trifles. As soon as the puppy comes into the house, followed by the need to observe and after a while the show veterinarian. Also at the age of 3-3.5 months should be vaccinated pet, and three weeks to implement booster. At first you need to help your pet get used to the new atmosphere. It is important that the dog is not always alone. Experts also recommend to get acquainted with the special literature, which will help to realize that the most important for a small puppy. In addition, it will develop tactics to make education and pet disciplined. It is important to treat the dog with respect, you can not vent to her evil and be cruel. For example, training the puppy to the toilet, it is necessary to understand that the first time did not turn out. Some owners do not realize that the baby is difficult and start yelling at your pet, poke his nose into a puddle or something more exert physical effort in the period of "education". In fact, a dog in the house - it's a holiday every day. Anyone who wants to feel needed, opening the door of his apartment; he needs attention and agree that everyone likes to be loved.