The first steps of a puppy at new home

Show dogs are trained and brought up for subsequent exhibitions. But that education can be attributed to any other dog, which should be outgoing, loyal and fun. And ... it's later about this, now - the first two-three steps of the puppy at new home. The first thing is to determine the place where the dog will sleep and eat. If it's about the puppy - to go to the toilet until it gets used to do it during the walks. Place for the dog Bedding for animals should be enough comfortable, it can't be in a draft and near the heaters. Otherwise, frequent colds, which drastically reduce the immunity of puppy are possible. You can use an old blanket, child's mattress, a plaid, which must be covered with a cotton cloth or bed sheet that should be washed at least every two weeks to maintain cleanliness and pest control. You can sew a pair of special covers for change. It isn't good to teach the dog to the chair or sofa, it will be hard to clean them and keep clean. Yes, and it won't affect the education of the puppy in the best way. Feeding If the puppy is two months old, feed it five times a day, three months old may be fed three times a day. He should eat organic foods - raw meat, sea fish. Porridge must compose no more than 30% of the total diet. The best option is dry feed for puppies - it's better to use it, if you can't feed it regularly. But in this case drinking water has always to be near the feed. Walking the dog and its toilet A dog is completely accustomed to the toilet while walking only after 5 months. Some individuals do it earlier. But first you need to learn to notice the first desires, they appear 5-10 minutes after eating, and if the dog didn't walk on the street for several hours. After a couple of months of regular walks after feeding, the puppy will ease itself only in the street. Therefore, in early days the place for it in the room is chosen. Indicate that this is the place for a toilet can be carpeted corner of the room with a diaper or newspapers, which are possible to remove after impurity. Training a puppy takes a little time, but should give good results. After all, obedient dog is a true friend that will always be there for several years.