How to develop a powerful dog's bite?

So, if you have bought a puppy of a certain breed and want to develop the power of already strong jaws of your pet, then you have the question how to do it. There is a way and you'll know it now. Let's start from the beginning. Don't let your puppy to play with different things which can ruin its bite. They are clothes, ropes, in general, those things that dog will not gnaw and bite but draw, thereby affecting the teeth and jaws in lengthwise direction. This can ause the disturbal of bite and loosen its snatch. Give the puppy a beef bone. It will chew it and develop jaw muscles. When your pet reaches the age of maturity (1.5 - 2 years), you can come close to the point of developing the breaking snatch. Tie a rope with a loop at the end to the tree. There should be thick section in the loop that the dog could seize it with its teeth. Then adjust a height at which the dog, grabbing a hose could rise on its hind feet and climb on fore feet. While strengthening, increase the height of the structure until the dog grabs a hose driving off the ground. The height should be increased very slowly that the animal does not lose interest and excitement. When a pet will hang holding a hose with its teeth swing it in suspended position. Further, to increase pressure they start to use the weighted collar or a special breast collar using weighting. In future, to increase the depth of the snatch, the tire of the car without a metal cord is tied to the rope. They do this like they did with a hose. This exercise develops not only the strength of the jaw apparatus, but also the muscles of neck and back, and also teaches the dog to breathe with closed mouth while doing the exercise. Not more than two trainings a week. Time for training is established for each dog and it depends on the temperament and interest of the dog. Well, now you have enough necessary information to develop main weapon of your four-legged pet. So, do not waste your time and start right now.