Some information you should know before you get a dog

1. Financial issue First of all, you must understand, if you can keep a dog, based on your family's budget. It's a weekly spending on animal food, whether it's dry food or natural food, as well as spending on preventive vaccinations, medicine and vet services. In addition, before buying a puppy, you need to get bowls for food and water, a collar and a leash, one-use diapers (since first time until they are vaccinated, you can not walk with the puppy). Also do not forget about hygiene and care (shampoos, brushes, etc.). 2. Education Is it worth to say the dog needs training, education and teaching to the street when it's small. After all, you do not want to grow cruel, ill-mannered dog that chews furniture and eases itself in the house? Therefore it is necessary to understand, if you and family members have enough time and opportunities to really train it. 3. Care You must understand your pet will always need your attention and care. However, can you pay enough attention to the animal, if you and your households are at work all day? If you live alone? No, it does not mean you have to forget about getting a dog. You must think it over. We assume that you have a very busy schedule of the day: early in the morning you go to work. In the evening after work, you go to the gym and spend time with friends. In this case, there is no place for the dog in your life. After all, if you really love animals, you will be very sad about the thought that your pet all day is sitting alone and waiting for you. If you aren't ready to change the rhythm of your life, is it worth to get a dog? Another thing, if there are other members of the family. Especially if you have a child who comes home earlier from school and will be able to feed a pet, walk and play with it. But this will be the next step. 4. Responsibility There are many cases when the dog is bought by parents for their child. And here, unfortunately, is often seen the same pattern: the child thinks the dog is funny alive puppy toy. He will play with a puppy, but it is unlikely he will train it seriously because this isn't as easy as it seems. Many adults can't bring up the dog because of character, lack of time and other reasons. So be sure the responsibility for education, walks and care of the dog is likely to fall on your shoulders. And that is sad, often when the dog grows up, the child is no longer interested in spending time with it. And this stage is the worst - the dog is given to another family or is dumped on the street. It is known that a dog is man's best friend. The dog becomes attached to you and it's a big stress for it to be in another family. So don't forget about the feelings of the dog. The dog will love you and never betray you. So do not betray your pet. So, before you buy a pet, you must properly size your financial and time possibilities and realize all the responsibility of this act. Especially if the pet is purchased because the child wanted so. Be sure to talk with your child and explain him all the moments of keeping a dog. Never forget "you're responsible for what you have tamed".