Psychology of dogs: don't allow your dog to bite.

Jaws' strength of large dogs, for example, Saint Bernard is even bigger, it may exceed 450 kg. A dog that weighs 10-15 kg, of course, is much weaker, but even such a small animal can bite your finger if it wants to. We don't want to scare anybody, but it is important to know how dangerous is the dog that bites. Often there are problems with animals, which were punished in the process of educating and training. Here's an example of a very friendly puppy dog, which has been kept for a year on a leash in the yard. Often children passed by and they amused themselves by throwing stones and boards at the dog. The dog was very nervous the children shouted at her and teased. A year later, the animal became very aggressive and tried to go for any child passing by. The dog thought that all children wanted to torment it. It was necessary to have time to rehabilitate the animal and that the problem hasn't become greater. This example shows that under the circumstances the dog becomes aggressive and starts to bite. The temper of the dog begins to develop at a very young age. In most cases, dog bites when it was kicked around. The only cause of the problem lies not only in dog's temper but that the owner is uneducated, who makes small and cute puppy to turn into an aggressive dog that is dangerous for others. If the dog began to bite, it's possible to control the negative behavior or to get rid of it. The aggression appears due to various reasons: dogs' malignity, confusion, pain, nervousness, stress, excitement, jealousy, illness, special position, because of the food or other circumstances. In order to regulate the situation or deal with something (someone) the dog begins to bite. The older the animal is the more serious the situation is. And the longer the problem isn't solved, the harder it will be to solve. In addition, the larger and stronger the animal is the consequences are more serious. If the family is afraid of dogs, it only aggravates the situation and the behavior of the dog is getting worse. Households in any case should not hurt a dog, running around it and screaming - this will be even worse. Only a professional instructor is able to solve this problem. He'll talk to you and the households, he will get acquainted with the dog and give you tips for training your pet. A professional can help you understand why the dog does so. Never hurt a dog, it wont' solve the problem.