Proper feeding of puppies

How to teach your pet to independent feeding? At one month age you can gradually accustom the puppy to new food different from milk. Just teach it to feed itself, and preferably in a certain place, which should become permanent. Try to follow the schedule of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thus, the pet will eat in the right place and in the right time, and you can leave food in the bowl for all day without fear that the puppy pounce on it in wrong time" and overeat. Puppy's diet The first time a puppy is separated from its mother, it is necessary to feed it often, 5-6 times a day. While its growing you need to gradually reduce the amount of feed. At about four months of age you can feed it 5-4 times a day. At the age of five months feed it 4 -3 times a day. At the age of six months feed it only 2 times a day. What is the best food for your pet? As you please it. You can buy him a special meal made for dogs (feed) or feed with ordinary, homemade food. At first, the food should be liquid. If it is dry (feed, for example), it is necessary to mix it with water. Over time, you can teach it to more thick and dry food. It is desirable the temperature of the food was equal to mother's milk (38 ° C). If you prefer to feed your pet with homemade food, in this case, it's necessary to maintain a balance of nutrients (vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates) which are necessary for proper growth of the dog. Take this question seriously, because the result of violation of the balance may be: • disfunction of immunity; • development delay; • the occurrence of various diseases; • deterioration in the external structure; • Other adverse effects. Often a pet may "hint" you what is necessary to its organism, just watch him carefully. For example, you see it diligently licking a piece of chalk, this is a clear sign that he doesn't have enough calcium. To fill the reserves of this element in puppy's organism, for about a week increase the calcium content in the food. It is best to consult the vet, he will help you to make the right diet for your pet. Also you can buy a "dog feed", which has all the requirements necessary for a dog of any age.